Overloading is the term Go People uses for those circumstances in which a Sender has suddenly received more jobs and would like to keep their GoSHIFT Runner on for more time, or if a Shift has become unexpectedly difficult to fulfill on time. If you book a 3-4 hour Shift and the EWT time is actually 4-5 hours (or more) we would recommend that you book another Shift to prevent the Runner from not completely all the Jobs on time.

Senders can overload a Runner as they book a Shift; or as they begin to upload Jobs. When the Runner is overloaded the Sender will see the Run’s total EWT so the Sender will be charged by the new EWT.

So for instance, if a Runner has been given an EWT of 3 hours to deliver 10 jobs, but a Sender receives 2 more jobs and wishes to add them to the Shift, the Runner could be overloaded which would extend the Shift. If, say, those 2 jobs added 30 minutes onto the Shift, the Sender would be charged for a 3 hour and 30 min long Shift.

A Long Distance or Out of Metro Levy may apply whether a Runner is overloaded or not.

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