How Do I Log A Dispute?

Unfortunately, sometimes deliveries do not go according to plan. If you are unhappy with your delivery, you can to start a Dispute.
In order to do so, you’ll need to find the corresponding job and click on the ‘Dispute’ icon (see below). As soon as you’ve done this, $100 is frozen from the Runner’s account.

Compensation for the delivery fee

Once you’ve done this, if you’d like a compensation for the delivery fee, make sure to send an email to with the job number of the Dispute and the reason for the Dispute.

Compensation for the goods

If you want a compensation for the damaged/lost goods and you have subscribed to our FreightSafe Warranty Programme, simply fill in the claim form. Don’t forget to provide some kind of invoice so your order can be processed as quickly as possible. For more details on how to fill in the claim form, please check out our Knowledge Base article.

If you have opted out of the FreightSafe Warranty Programme, please send an email to with the wholesale or cost price of the goods (per our Terms & Conditions), as opposed to the retail price. Once you’ve done so, we will contact the Runner and try to get them to compensate you. Please be aware in this situation we cannot guarantee the Runner will have sufficient funds to compensate your lost or damaged goods.

Please note, we do our best to resolve Disputes as quickly as possible, however it can take up to 14 business days.

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