How Do I Send a Parcel?

First of all, enter our Members’ Area.

‘Send a Parcel’ will be an option on the left-hand side menu.

Simply enter the Pick-up location, as well as your contact details, and let us know whether this is a residential, commercial, hospital or school location.

Then, enter the Drop-off location, including the contact details of the Recipient and the type of location

Note that Hospital addresses can be auto-completed upon entry of characters in that field.

Now we need what you’re sending, and how many parcels you’re sending. We can delivery everything, except the items listed on our Dangerous and Hazardous Goods page (if you have any queries about we can and cannot ship, ring us on 1300 416 722).

Select which service you’d like to put your delivery on (for more information about our services, follow this link)

Finally, you’ll see the delivery fee and now all you have to do is pay. Too easy