How Much Does Go People Cost?

For starters, the app is totally free. You can register for an account to set yourself up with no cost associated.

The cost of a job obviously depends on a few factors – the locations of both pick-up and the drop-off, and the type of item being sent, as well as the urgency of the delivery.

Also, the cost will also vary depending on what service you select. We offer the following services:

Our prices are very competitive compared to other courier companies.

If you are a regular Sender, complete this form and a member of our Sales team will be in touch to take you through our great rates.

Nick Hartman is the Marketing and Communications Manager for Go People. The prospect of seamless, same day deliveries excites him and he hopes Go People will one day achieve that. Outside of making the delivery world a better place, you can often see him down at the SCG taking high class photos for his Instagram page.