Shifts: Frequently Asked Questions

14 Nov, 2016 By Delphine Dyèvre


Q: Who can apply?
A: Anyone who has completed 10 deliveries or more and all with ‘Good’ ratings. Make sure to read our Delivery guidelines and our Shift video to understand how to do your job in the best way possible!

If you are a new Runner on our platform but still want to do a Shift, a training session (about 30 minutes over the phone) is also available. To request one simply send us an email and give us 2 dates and a time when you are available and we will shortly confirm when the training will take place. Before the call make sure you have read our Knowledge Base, our Delivery guidelines and our Shift video.

If a Shift is assigned to a first time Runner, we will make sure to call them to see if they understand how Go People works. If that isn’t the case, we’ll reassign the Shift to someone else.

Q: How many jobs will need to be done?
A: On average, a 3-hour shift will be around 10 jobs.

The amount of jobs that can be completed depends on the calculated Estimated Working Time (EWT), which is based on travelling time and job difficulties. A buffer applies for pick-up and drop-off, hospital deliveries, CBD deliveries, Friday traffic, etc.

Q: How many pick ups and drop offs are there in a shift?
A: There can be multiple pick-ups and drop-offs. We add extra time for the extra pick-up locations, which is calculated into the EWT. If you have areas you’d prefer to work in, simply say so in the Shift comments section, once the job is assigned to you.

Q: How does Go People calculate EWT?
A: It is a sum of the factors below:
– Travelling time (from pick-up to drop-off)
– Estimated total pick-up time
– Estimated total drop-off time
– Job difficulty (such Hospital jobs, CBD jobs etc.)
– Any other special or unforeseen circumstances (accidents, natural disasters, special events, etc)

Q: How does Go People pay if a Runner applies for a 3 -shift and the EWT is more than 3 hours?
A: The Runner will be paid based on the hourly rate of the assigned shift. e.g. If the EWT is 3 hours 15 minutes, the Runner will be paid for the extra 15 minutes.

Q: How does Go People pay if Runner applies for a 3-hour shift and the EWT is less than 3 hours?
A: The Runner will be paid for the full shift.

Q: How does Go People pay if the Runner takes longer to finish delivering all the jobs than the EWT?
A: The Runner still gets paid for the original price. The quicker you finish, the more you make.

Q: How much does Go People pay if Go People cancels the shift?
A: If the Sender cancels the shift with less than 24 hours’ notice, the assigned Runners will be paid a 30% cancellation fee.

Q: What type of penalty will a Runner face if they decide to cancel their shift?
A: If the cancellation is less than 24 hours before the start of the shift, a Runner will be charged 30% of their agreed payment.

Q: Can Runners make their own route?
A: There’s no need; our system figures out the best routing for you! And we highly recommend you follow our Routing System if you want to finish all your jobs on time and keep your good ratings. Also, if you claim the Estimated Working Time (EWT) wasn’t accurate, we can only investigate if you follow our Routing.

Q: What if a delivery needs to be Returned or Redelivered?
A: Always, ask the Sender what they would like to do. If they want something redelivered or redelivered you will get an extra fee. You can request a return or a redelivery by going in the Comment section of the job, click on the ‘+’ and select return or redelivery. It will then be approved by Go People Admin or the Sender.