How To: Download and Print Your Manifest

Downloading Your Manifest

When you’ve booked your jobs, either through the ‘Send A Parcel’ or ‘Bulk Upload’ options, they’ll all appear in the ‘Jobs’ section of the members’ area.

Click on the “Actions” button to download the manifest:

The manifest will then be downloaded as an .xls file. If you can’t open the file – it won’t open in some newer versions of Microsoft Excel – use Google Sheets (this is covered in the “What If I Don’t Have Microsoft Excel?” Knowledge Base article).

Printing Your Manifest

When you open your manifest file, it’ll format all the information about your jobs to look like this:

On the far right, you’ll notice ‘Zone’ has been circled. Once your jobs for a Shift have been grouped, this will be show which Zones they’re in.

When printing your manifest, make sure you print your manifest in landscape orientation and select ‘Fit to Width’. This ensures that all the information will be printed on the page.

The manifest should hopefully print like this*:

*we hope that you can print things straight, unlike us