How to Squarespace: Install The Go People Squarespace plugin

  1. To install the Go People Squarespace plugin, you have to generate an API key from your Squarespace account. Login to your Squarespace and click on Settings.


  2. Next, click on Advanced.advanced
  3. Then, click on Developer API Keys.developer api keys
  4. Click on the GENERATE KEY button.generate key button
  5. Type “Go People” in the key name input field and check Orders.generate api key
  6. Next, click on GENERATE KEY at the top right of the pop-up window.generate key
  7. Then, copy your Go People API Key.
  8. Next, you have to log in to your Members Portal and click on settings at the bottom left of the dashboard, and then click on “Shopping Cart Integrations”.shopping cart integrations
  9. Paste the API Key in the Developer API Keys input field, and then click on CONNECT.