Is My Parcel Safe?

Yes, your parcel is safe with Go People. See ‘Do You Cover For Loss or Damage?’ above and ‘Additional Securities’ below.

Photo ID Verification

Our Runners are ID identified. We verify Runners by checking their valid identification documentation against their faces. We also conduct police background checks when necessary.

Good Rating Percentage

Our Runners are reviewed and rated after every job. A good rating percentage is calculated using the number of positive reviews against the total number of jobs they have completed.

Additional Securities

We ask our Runners to make security bonds to provide extra security and confidence to our Senders. This bond will be used to cover wholesale-value claims that Senders log so as to resolve disputes should anything happen during the delivery.

Signature at Delivery

Signature is captured via the Runner App when the recipient signs off at delivery. If a recipient isn’t available, our Runner will take photos as proof of delivery. We also record the locations of where the signatures and pictures are captured.