Why Go People?

Go People was born out of the frustrations many businesses have experienced with courier services, e.g. missing drivers, little transparency, little communications and many more. Go People is utilising the most cutting edge technologies with the crowd sourcing for drivers model to bring better customer experiences and significant cost savings.

Live Tracking: When you book any job with us, we will send you and your recipient (if requested) a live tracking number you instantly enter into our live map. No short statements like “parcel has been dispatched” – you can see exactly where you Runner is at all times. Our tracking page is the only tracking page that “moves”. You can see your driver approaching the destinations and also live communicate with them.

Instant Proof Of Delivery: As we use smart, instantaneous digital technology, customers can access the Proof of Delivery (POD) as soon as we get it. If your customer isn’t home to receive their delivery, a photo of where the goods is left at can be sent to customer as POD if Authority to Leave (ATL) has been given.

Safer Deliveries: As Go People doesn’t use a depot systems, there’s less chance of parcels being damaged through (what we consider) unnecessary extra handling.

Cheaper: Go People offers businesses, big and small, a very affordable and cost-efficient same-day delivery service. From competitive prices on our GoNOW , GoSAMEDAY and GoSHIFT services, to our AIFleet SAAS platform for managing your own fleet, we ensure the technologies are working at their best to provide the most cost effective solutions.

Faster: Since Go People doesn’t waste time sorting parcels out in a depot, we can get your orders delivered faster to your customers. Additionally, our GoSHIFT service gives businesses with a large volume of deliveries the capacity to have their orders successfully delivered the same-day as they’re dispatched.

Smarter: Go People has its own smart software that powers our cheaper and faster delivery service. Our members’ portal is super easy to use, and is available to customers on PC or tablet. For our drivers, we have the Go People Runner App, with all deliveries and related operations (such as tracking and payment) done through smartphones.

More Flexible: Need a parcel sent now? In two hours? Tomorrow? No problem! Go People has no set schedules and that, combined with the fact we don’t use a depot system, means one of our thousands of Runners is available to make that urgent delivery for you. ETAs can be requested at any time.

Quick Booking: Booking through Go People’s super usable customer interface can take you as quickly as 30 seconds. If you a large volume of orders, you can Bulk Upload them all at once.