The safe delivery of your parcel is our main priority.

To ensure this, Go People does the following:

Runner Ratings

After each job, the Sender is able to review the Runner’s performance. So you can select those Runners that have completed a number of jobs with a high degree of Sender satisfaction.

Security Bond

Senders have the option to request a security bond on particular jobs where the parcel is particularly valuable. It works like this. If for example you want to send a mobile phone, which is worth $500, when you create the job, you can enter $500 in the “security” field. This would mean that only Runners with more than $500 in their Go People account can bid for the job. When the job is assigned, this amount is locked away from the Runner’s account until the job is completed and confirmed.

Signature at Delivery

When the parcel is successfully delivered, the Runner will get the recipient to sign for the parcel. The Sender is able to see the signature instantly it is obtained via the Go People app.

Photo ID Verification of Runners

Runners are encouraged to provide Photo IDs. It is optional. If as a sender you require a Photo ID you will know they have provided a Photo ID because when you receive a bid from a runner with Photo ID, an icon with a picture will appear with the bid.

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