Additional terms & conditions for Senders – GoINTERSTATE Service


1.1 These additional Terms and Conditions (the “Additional Terms”) shall be read in conjunction with the General Terms and Conditions for Senders (the “General Terms”) which can be found at www.gopeople.com.au/terms/.

1.2 Words which are defined in the General Terms have the same meaning in the Additional Terms unless the context requires otherwise.


2.1 To use the GoINTERSTATE Service, you need to:

  1. post a delivery request (the “Job”) at any time on the Application;
  2. provide complete, accurate and up-to-date details regarding:
    1. the pick-up and drop-off location;
    2. details of the contact person at the pick-up and drop-off locations;
    3. the size, nature and type of goods for delivery; and
    4. any delivery instructions such as whether the goods can be left unattended at the drop-off location;
  3. review the quotes provided by Go People. Please note that the quotes are provided based on the greater of the weight or volume of the goods as provided by you. For the purpose of calculating weight, Go People will round up to the next whole kilogram; and
  4. pay the fee in accordance with the quotes (the “Delivery Services Fee”) to Go People either by authorising Go People to automatically deduct the Delivery Services Fee from your digital wallet linked to your Account or by making advance payment via a credit/debit card.

2.2 You agree that Go People is entitled to a commission fee for facilitating the delivery arrangement between you and the Courier (the “Commission Fee”).

2.3 Go People and/or the Courier will only perform the Services for you after:

  1. you have posted a Job;
  2. the Delivery Services Fee has been paid in full; and
  3. the Courier has irrevocably confirmed its acceptance of your Job.

2.4 Should you wish to dispute the performance of the Job, please follow the Dispute Resolution procedures as set out in clause 13 of the General Terms.

2.5 Go People and/or the Courier cannot guarantee that the Jobs can be completed within the delivery time frame as unexpected circumstances or events that are beyond Go People and/or the Courier’s reasonable control may arise and delay the performance of the Jobs.


3.1 Go People and/or the Courier will attempt to deliver to the address nominated by you. Delivery is deemed to be effected when:

  1. Go People and/or the Courier receive a signed receipt or delivery docket; or
  2. if that address is unattended, delivery is deemed to have occurred if Go People and/or the Courier leave the goods at that address unattended in accordance with your instructions; or
  3. if the address of delivery is unattended and Go People and/or the Courier elect to re-deliver goods to you or the recipient or to other address, delivery is deemed to be effected if the Courier leaves the goods at that address; and/or
  4. if a depot or regional agent does not service a regional location, the delivery is effected when the goods is left at the local depot. The recipient must pick up from the local depot.

3.2 Go People and/or the Courier will not in any circumstance deliver goods to a post office box.

3.3 A ‘door to door’ service is not possible in some locations throughout Australia. (e.g. farms, addresses outside of regional towns, etc.).

3.4 If goods are too heavy or large and a driver cannot safely pickup or deliver the goods on their own, the consignment must be dropped off or picked up from a local depot by the recipient. Costs for this are to be borne by the recipient.


4.1 On receipt of any deposits, Go People will provide you with a receipt for the amount of the deposit.


5.1 In addition to the Delivery Services Fee, Go People will charge you for:

  1. any additional expenses Go People incur as a result of any incorrect declaration by you of the weight, dimensions, description or packaging of the goods, and/or pick up or destination of the goods;
  2. any storage charges or other charges or expenses that may be incurred in relation to the goods. These may include Futile Booking Fee, Waiting Time Fee, Re-Delivery Fee, Return to Sender Fee, Cancellation Fee, change of delivery address, redirection charges, unloading times, administration fees and so forth).
    1. Futile booking fee is payable if:
      1. no one is available to despatch the goods on the nominated pickup date and time;
      2. the driver refuses pickup because the consignment-label is not attached to the goods;
      3. the driver refuses pickup because the goods are not packaged correctly to withstand transportation and there is a likelihood of damage occurring to the goods; or
      4. you will not release the goods to the driver on the nominated pickup date and time.

      (the “Futile Booking Fee”).

    2. Waiting time fee is payable if the first 10 minutes at pickup address and delivery address are included in the cost of your booking. If the driver has to wait for longer than 10 minutes because the goods aren’t ready, packaged, labelled or other causes of delay due to no fault of his own you will be charged an additional $20 per 15 minutes waiting time (the “Waiting Time Fee”).
    3. Re-Delivery fee is payable if Go People and/or the Courier are asked to re-deliver the goods from the initial destination address of the item to a new destination address (the “Re-Delivery Fee”).
    4. Return to sender fee is payable if Go People and/or the Courier are required to redeliver the goods from the current location of the item to the original departure address (“Return to Sender Fee”).
    5. Booking alterations or cancellations are permitted no later than 11.00am on the pickup date nominated in your booking. An alteration or cancellation fee of $11.00 will apply for any alterations or cancellations (the “Cancellation Fee”).

    (collectively referred to as the “Additional Fees”)

5.2 If Go People reasonably determines that the Additional Fees (if applicable) are payable by you, you authorise Go People to deduct the Additional Fees (if applicable) from a payment source used to complete the booking on Go People’s Application. However, if this is not possible you guarantee to pay any Additional Fees within seven (7) days of notification. Should you fail to pay these Additional Fees in full within 7 days of notification, you agree to pay an accounting surcharge of 20% of the gross value of the total overdue amount, together with interest at a rate equivalent to the Westpac Banking Corporation prime rate on the date, plus one (1) percent, to be calculated on a daily basis from the first date of the account becoming overdue until payment is made in full, or until judgement, as the case may be. Go People reserves the right to use funds from future bookings to pay off any outstanding amounts.

5.3 If you are unsatisfied with Go People’s determination in clause 4.3 of the Additional Terms, you can contact Go People by sending an email to support@gopeople.com.au outlining why you believe you should not be held liable for the Additional Fees. Go People will consider your submission and make a further determination, such further determination not to be unreasonably made or delayed. If you are still unsatisfied with the outcome, you may have the matter determined by a mediator in accordance with the mediation process as set out in clause 13 of the General Terms.

5.4 Should Go People and/or the Courier offer any discount, such discount shall only apply to Delivery Services Fee and fuel levy charges only. Discounts will not apply for GST amounts.


6.1 The Delivery Services Fee is not refundable in the following circumstances:

  1. the recipient is unable to attend to facilitate the completion of the Job;
  2. the Courier is unable to complete the Job due to incorrect, incomplete or insufficient instructions provided by you as to the location, timeframe or security requirements relevant to the Job; or
  3. the Courier is unable, for whatever reason, to complete the Job due to your action or omission.

6.2 With respect to the refund of the deposits made by you to the credit account you have with Go People:

  1. where the date of request for the refund is within the 28-day trial period, Go People will refund the remaining balance of the deposit to you; or
  2. where the date of request for the refund is outside the 28-day trial period, Go People will not refund (in full or in part) any deposits. For the avoidance of doubt, you are still entitled to use the deposits to purchase the GoINTERSTATE Service.

For the purposes of this clause, the trial period starts from the day you make the first deposit.

6.3 If you are unsatisfied with the GoINTERSTATE Service provided by Go People or believe that you may be entitled to a refund of the Delivery Services Fee, you can contact Go People by sending an email to support@gopeople.com.au outlining why you believe you are entitled to a refund of the Delivery Services Fee. Go People will make a determination, such determination not to be unreasonably made or delayed.


7.1 Go People, the Courier and their third-party warranty provider do not provide any warranty for GoINTERSTATE Service.

7.2 You are entirely responsible for insuring the goods. If you fail to insure such goods, Go People is not to be held liable to you in any way.

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