06 Aug, 2018 By Wayne Wang

The words “traffic congestion” will send a chill down the spine of any Sydneysider who relies on roads to earn a living – or even just to get to work! This is why Sydney is set to receive the biggest slice of a federal “urban congestion fund” over the next nine years to fix this stress-inducing traffic mayhem.

But, with Sydney’s population now topping 5.1 million, we’ll be feeling the pinch for a while yet on our path to becoming a bigger yet more liveable global city. In fact, congested city roads can affect anything from how long it takes to get to work in the morning to the speed of those deliveries. And we all know how important fast same-day deliveries are to modern consumers.

So, we’ve decided to crunch some numbers – thanks to data compiled by Google Maps – to find out the best and worst times to hit Sydney’s roads when it comes to journey times (and the best time to lock in a lightning fast delivery!)

There are a few general trends to keep in mind. Unsurprisingly, traffic is at it’s worst pretty much everywhere at 8am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday but on weekends, it’s the opposite story. On a Saturday or Sunday, the best time to jump in your car and get from A to B is usually early morning and late afternoon.

Because we know it’s not always possible to plan your trip around traffic, here are the typical journey times between some of Sydney’s most notorious congestion blackspots to give you an idea about what to expect, when to expect it and the difference between good and bad traffic. (Warning; some of these findings are pretty eye-watering).

Balgowlah to Cammeray (Military, Spit and Manly Roads)

Distance: 8.1km

When? Monday 8am: Up to 40 minutes

Sunday 7am: Up to 16 minutes.

Balgowlah to CBD

Distance: 12.3km

When? Monday 8am: 1 hour 10

Sunday 7am: 26 minutes

Roseville to Lane cove (Pacific Highway) 5.8Km

Distance: 5.8km

When? Monday 8am: Up to 35 minutes

Sunday 7am: Up to 16 minutes.

Roseville to CBD

Distance: 13.9km

When? Monday 8am: Up to 1 hour 5 minutes

Sunday 7am: Up to 24 minutes.

Carlingford to Lane Cove (Epping Road)

Distance: 15.2km

When? Monday 8am: 1 hour

Sunday 7am: 22 minutes.

Carlingford to CBD:

Distance: 26.7km

When? Monday 8am: 1 hour 25 minutes

Sunday 7am: 30 minutes.

Wahroongha to Pymble (Pacific Highway)

Distance: 5.2km

When? Monday 8am: 22 minutes

Sunday 7am: 12 minutes.

Wahroongha to CBD

Distance: 24.5km

When? Monday 8am: 1 hour 30 minutes

Sunday 7am: 35 minutes.

Darlington and Moore park (Cleveland Street)

Distance: 2.8km

When? Monday 8am:18 minutes

Sunday 7am: 10 minutes.

Darlington to CBD (3.8km)

Distance: 3.8km

When? Monday 8am: 28 minutes

Sunday 7am: 12 minutes.

Liverpool to Sydney CBD

Distance: 40.5km

When? Monday 8am: 45 minutes

Sunday 7am: 2 hours

Kogarah to Tempe (Princes Highway)

Distance: 5.4km

When? Monday 8am: 30 minutes

Sunday 7am: 12 minutes.

Kogarah to CBD (18.2km)

Distance: 18.2km

When? Monday 8am: 1 hour 15 minutes

Sunday 7am: 24 minutes.