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5 Star Live Tracking Experience

Go People is Australia’s smartest same-day delivery solution, offering Senders and Recipients live GPS tracking, showing drop-off and pick-up status, and the locations of the drivers.

Intuitive Proof of Delivery captures recipients signature, or, if authorised to leave, a photo to show where and how the delivery was completed - all shared in real time on the tracking page.


We’re changing how Australians do business- one delivery at a time!

Go People provide Hourly Hire, Same Day and On Demand delivery services that save time, money, and move at the speed of your business.

Go People can also support you with delivery technologies if you bring your own drivers too.

Seamless System Integration

Book a Service with Finger Tip

Keeping Customer Updated throughout the Delivery

Delivered to Customers with Happiness

Same Day Courier & Delivery Service in Melbourne

Are you having trouble finding a Melbourne delivery service that you can call on weekends as well as on weekdays?

Are your profits being eaten up by your unreliable delivery guy who keeps bailing on you at the last minute?

With Go People, you can stop worrying about deliveries and start concentrating on running your business thanks to our cheap, smart and fast service.

No more exorbitant costs or hours of waiting for your parcel to be picked up, just a simple point-to-point delivery process for businesses and consumers at a competitive price.

Benefits of Using Go People Courier Service in Melbourne

It isn’t a coincidence that thousands of people are using our delivery service in Melbourne to send their goods to their clients and business partners. We’re one of the most revolutionary delivery services in the country and are continuously trying to improve our services and delivery practices to ensure that our customers are receiving the finest standards of service possible.

If you’re looking for reliable couriers in Melbourne, you will enjoy all of the following benefits when you choose Go People:

  • Cheaper Alternative. Because of the way we have set-up our business we naturally incur less costs than traditional delivery services and we can pass our savings onto our customers. And we’ll always look to find the cheapest and most reliable runner for your delivery.
  • Faster. As we do not have depots to sort our deliveries we’re able to provide a much swifter service by simply picking up your parcel(s) from a designated drop-off point.This means you don’t have to wait for your package(s) to arrive at our depot, wait for them to get sorted then finally have them delivered. We skip all the unnecessary steps to ensure we can provide a fast courier service.
  • Smarter. Instead of having to manually print labels or find a specific point to use a courier service in Melbourne you can simply sit back and let our runners do the work.Using our technologically advanced software we can find the best routes, prices and delivery confirmation methods without requiring any effort on your part.
  • More Flexible. As our various services are available on weekends and evenings as well as throughout the working week, we have been able to create a service that is tailored to our clients. We’re flexible so you can always rely on us no matter what you need.

The Fast, Reliable Courier Melbourne Can Trust

When you live and work in a big city such as Melbourne, getting things from one place to another isn’t always easy. Due to the large distances between different districts and the generally busy roads and crowded pavements, the process of transporting a document, a parcel, a bouquet of flowers, food and drink, or anything else can be quite stressful and long-winded.

And when they use a courier, Melbourne residents and businesses are often disappointed by slow service, high fees and general inefficiency and inconvenience. Fortunately, here at Go People, we provide a straightforward, affordable and highly efficient courier service which can be easily accessed at the touch of a button.

When you download the Go People app, you’ll join a vibrant community of Senders and Runners who complete hundreds of transactions across Melbourne every day. All of our Runners have to complete a test and conduct a training run to ensure they’re able to provide superior levels of service, and all their vehicles are well maintained and in top-condition to ensure there are no hold-ups during deliveries.

However, in the event that a breakdown or accident does occur, we’re always able to provide a replacement Runner in just a matter of minutes – so you can rest assured that your parcel will be arriving at its destination on time, whatever happens.

The Go People Approach

Here at Go People, we provide three distinct kinds of courier service. We call them GoSAMEDAY, GoVIP, and GoSHIFT. When it comes to finding a same day courier, Melbourne can count on the Go People GoSAMEDAY service not to disappoint.

Simply call up the app, enter the pick-up and drop-off locations along with some basic information about the kind of package you’re sending, and choose a timeslot that works for you. A Runner will turn up at your location at your chosen time and deliver your parcel swiftly to its destination.

But sometimes you need more than just a same day courier. Melbourne residents or businesses who are in urgent need of an immediate delivery can always put their trust in the GoVIP service. Rather than arranging for a Runner to pick up your item at a chosen time, the GoVIP service sends out an immediate alert to nearby Runners, letting them know that you need a delivery immediately.

Available Runners will respond to the alert, and the most suitable driver will be selected for the job. They’ll start making their way to your location right away, before picking up your item and setting off to deliver it.

And if you’re running a small business and need to make multiple deliveries throughout the day, you can save plenty of time and money by using the GoSHIFT service. When they choose us as their courier, Melbourne customers can opt to use this service whereby they hire one or more of our Runners and pay them an hourly rate to perform multiple deliveries on their behalf.

With all of the above services, you’ll be able to track the progress of your delivery using the GPS tracker section of the Go People app, ensuring maximum transparency and keeping you 100 percent in control of the entire process.

So if you’re looking for a Melbourne courier that can provide speedy, reliable service absolutely every time you need it, download the Go People app today or get in touch with a member of our team to find out more.

A Delivery Service in Melbourne That Thinks of Everything

In addition to the many advantages that come with working with our couriers in Melbourne, we also offer a wide range of different options so you don’t have to pay for something that you don’t need.

Our services include;

GoVIP Service

  • Express Delivery
  • Guaranteed Delivery
  • Transparent Tracking
  • $100 Warranty


  • Two Cut-Off Points for Delivery
  • Transparent Tracking
  • $100 Warranty

GoSHIFT Service

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Flexible Delivery
  • Smart Rates
  • Available on Weekends and Evenings


A Courier Service Melbourne Businesses can Rely On

Go People is one of the most popular couriers in Melbourne because our service is clear and effective and helps businesses save time as well as money.

Forget having to notify your delivery company hours in advance or having to fill out lots of forms like with other Melbourne courier services, with our super easy interface, you can jump online and make your order with a click of a button.

Only the closest runners will be notified and thanks to our integrated bidding system, a low cost is always guaranteed.

The Best Same Day Courier in Melbourne

If you need a reliable same day delivery in Melbourne, look no further than our GoSameDay service.

One of our dedicated runners will pick up all the parcels that need delivering from your store and drop them off at any address in the city.

If you run a business that needs hundreds of deliveries made a day – we can do that too with our GoShift service.

You can hire a runner for as long as you need, even during evenings and weekends, so your clients will get their products as soon as possible.

The Smartest Couriers in Melbourne

At Go People, we use the latest technology to make sure that you receive the best service possible.

Each time you make an order, we use a state of the art algorithm to plot the most efficient route, so you save time as well as money.

We also use GPS tracking systems so you can keep an eye on your deliveries and verify that they are going to the rights location.

Get in Touch Today if you need a Cheap and Reliable Delivery Service in Melbourne

Whether you need a reliable courier to make 20 clothes deliveries every day or you have to overnight an urgent document – you can rely on Go People to provide you with the best Melbourne courier service available.

If you have any questions about our service don’t hesitate to call us now on 1300 416 722 or send us an email at

Go People is the best courier in Melbourne and we guarantee a cheap, smart and fast service each and every time.

Your Best Courier Service in Melbourne

Go People is set to become your first choice courier service in Melbourne. We offer the best rates on same day delivery in Melbourne, and we are dedicated to providing superior service in every way.

You will definitely notice the difference when you choose us to be your couriers in Melbourne. Our low rates are just the start of the many advantages you get with Go People.

Unlike the typical delivery service in Melbourne, we are always willing to do whatever it takes to make sure your consignments arrive on time and in perfect order.

You would be hard pressed indeed to find any other Melbourne courier that could make the same promises we can and actually keep those promises.

We are able to make and keep those promises other Melbourne courier services normally can’t, because we have a unique business model that makes it possible for us to do amazing things.

We Pass Our Courier Service Savings Onto You!

Part of the key to our success is that we’re able to avoid many of the overhead costs that traditional courier companies are stuck with, because they’re stuck in the past with all the legacy that entails, while we’re a 21st  century business, able to leverage all the benefits of modern technology.

This means we’re able to secure massive cost savings, and pass these savings on directly to our customers with lower rates. We also can operate 24 hours per day, every day of the year.

As a result, you can send consignments whenever you want. If it’s Christmas Day and you want to send something, we’ll come to pick it up, no questions asked. If it’s 3am on Saturday, we definitely don’t see a problem coming to pick up a consignment from you. When we say “any time”, we really mean it.

You can probably already see by now how we’re so different. We work harder, we work smarter, and we always work for you. We want you to not just be satisfied with the service we provide, but absolutely thrilled.

Great Same Day Courier Rates in Melbourne

That’s why we provide excellent rates as a same day courier in Melbourne, and why you can be certain that you are working with a reliable service you can have total faith in to get the job done.

All our couriers in Melbourne (and there are thousands of them) are required to undergo a thorough screening process before they’re recruited, and we make sure they have all the appropriate licenses and credentials. Then we instruct them on what it means to be a Go People courier.

Being a courier for Go People means caring about the job. It means making sure your deliveries arrive on time and unharmed. How can you be sure of this? Because if ever a Go People courier fails in their mission, they don’t get paid. Not even a cent. So you can be completely confident they’re taking the job seriously.

When you need something delivered urgently, the most logical thing to do is pick up the phone and call the number one same day courier service in Melbourne on 1300 416 722. You will save money and you can have confidence that your consignment will be delivered on time and in top condition.

Same Day Courier in Melbourne

There are few people that do not appreciate a reliable service. Nobody likes to be left out in the cold, waiting on something that is overdue, and nobody likes to buy into service only to be let down on more than one occasion. Unfortunately, the reality is that more often than not, courier companies fail to meet the delivery deadlines that they are assigned, particularly during high traffic times such as the festive season.

However, the good news is that here at Go People, we offer same day courier service in Melbourne and have the resources and network capabilities to ensure that we never miss a delivery. Sounds too good to be true, but believe us, it isn’t! With almost 30,000 runners across the country, our smart network enables those that wish to send parcels the possibility to tap into a smart tracked service to fulfill their delivery needs each and every time.

Key to our success is the availability of bike, car and van couriers – who we call Runners – so that no matter what it is you need to send, we can connect you with the closest and best-suited Runner to your location to make the same day delivery service your Melbourne customers expect a reality. Best of all, if one of our Runners breaks down, we guarantee that we will find a replacement runner in a matter of minutes to ensure that no delays will be experienced.

Melbourne’s Best Courier Companies

At Go People, we know that reducing expenses, increasing profitability and exceeding customer expectations is a priority for all businesses. One of the key costs a business can incur is the acquisition of a fleet of vehicles. Not only is the initial outlay expensive, but the maintenance and upkeep that is required will inevitably present sustained costs and the occasional headache each and every month of the year.

It may, therefore, make more sense to seek out a delivery company in Melbourne that you can retain to complete your deliveries. First and foremost, their ability to meet your expectations will determine whether you will continue to do business with them, but in engaging their services, you will be taking measures to ensure customer satisfaction.

Here at Go People, we like to go one better than all other courier companies in Melbourne and our flexible and innovative delivery model affords our business partners and customers the opportunity to seriously ramp up their abilities to fulfil orders and exceed customer expectations.

What’s more, with our team working alongside you and handling the pickup and drop-off you won’t have to give a second’s thought to vehicle expense, fuel, repairs or maintenance costs and driver salaries.

With a range of flexible costing solutions in place, it is possible for you to find the service level that suits your needs and should you require a change when things get even busier, we will be here to help you step things up seamlessly.

Having a courier for your Melbourne business allows you to determine when you need to spend on deliveries and how frequently you wish to complete orders. It, therefore, offers the kind of flexibility needed to maximise the efficiencies of your business.

Best Courier Service in Melbourne

Here at Go People, we provide instant quotes so that you know the exact cost of your deliveries. With real-time tracking on your side, you can stay fully abreast of the progress of your orders and know that our drivers are caring for your items as if they were their own.

So, take a look at the different options available to you today, and when you’re ready, the best courier service Melbourne has to offer will be right here ready to help you deliver on time, every time.

Go People are a courier company that offers same day courier and overnight courier services throughout Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth. Contact GO People today for all your parcel delivery services and find out why we surpass other courier companies.

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Our Services


  • 4 cut-offs a day
  • 95% delivered in 4 hours
  • 80% picked up in one hour
  • Up to 20% rebate


  • Hire a driver for 3 hours+
  • Pay by estimated work time
  • Optimize & plan delivery sequence
  • Accurate ETA


  • Premium experience service
  • On-demand 24/7 and 365 days
  • Flexible booking times
  • On time delivery guaranteed


  • Hire a driver to deliver hot food
  • 3 hours or longer
  • Pay by hourly plus per delivery
  • Dedicated driver working only
    for your business

Go People for Every Business

We service a wide range of businesses. Contact us and tell us about your business. We love to know more and help you to grow. We have a delivery solution for you.

  • Cafe & Restaurants
  • Bakeries
  • Florists
  • Apparel Stores
  • Medicines & Health
  • Cakes & Cupcakes
  • Groceries Store
  • Flowers & Gifts
  • Documents
  • and Other Things

Bring Your Own (BYO) Drivers

We support you if you wish to use your own drivers to make deliveries. Use our routing and ultimate live tracking technologies to make deliveries with the same superior customer experience.

We have the smartest fleet optimization system that is driven by sophisticated algorithms and Artificial Intelligent(AI) technologies designed only for Australian businesses.

We integrates seamlessly into the platforms your businesses uses everyday, including Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Maropost Commerce Cloud (formerly Neto) & more.

It is proven to many businesses that by adopting our technologies, fleet costs can be halved, operational management tasks are simplified, fleet movement transparency.....


Australian’s ONLY platform that takes care of your LAST MINUTE delivery requests

Supported by the largest network of professional drivers.Our community of on demand drivers - Runners - allow us to move at the speed of your business.
There are thousands of Runners across Australia ready to deliver any job, any time.

Runners & counting!
Instant Support

Your questions and queris can be attended instantly

Instant POD

Receive Proof of Delivery instantly on your phone,tablet or desktop

Adaptable Support

Hire a driver for however long you’ll need one ( min. 3 hours)

Transparent Tracking

See where your driver is at all times

Digital Convenience

User friendly interface to book,track and receive POD instantly using your phone,tablet or desktop

Smart Routing

Advanced software ensures the most efficient route is taken

Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing with plans to suit the scale of your business

Always Available

Order pick-up and drop-off anytime, any day


Ready to take your
business to the next level?

At Go People, we have got your back.


Where do our services operate?

Our GoSHIFT, GoSAMEDAY, GoVIP and GoLOCAL services are available across

Our GoSHIFT, GoSAMEDAY, GoVIP and GoLOCAL services are available across

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Perth
  • Adelaide

Google Business Reviews

4.9 Avg. Rating

Independent Service Rating based on 1000+ verified reviews.

We have been looking for a reliable courier for express same day delivery in Sydney! So far we have had no issues. They offer fantastic tracking and even photograph the item being left. Well done guys - keep up the good work.

igift Fruit Hampers

I was pleasantly surprised and grateful to the professionalism shown in customising my order. Prompt email alerts every step of the way, from confirming my online order through to having the ability to track my delivery. Very happy, thank you.

Antoine Lavigne

Solid delivery - great live tracking and communication throughout the whole process. its great. use these guys

David Reid

Made an error on my address and they were quick to correct the issue

Madelyn Dupriez

From the States wow perfect just as I wanted thank you so much!!


Package was delivered on time as promised. Postman followed my instructions left on the runner app. Kudos.


Very professional service when ordering a recent DESSERTBOX. I always find this service top notch. The email updates, the live links and signature. Absolutely brilliant - well done!

Belinda Sanders

Very Satisfied with the service and you made our Boss' day very special. And it arrived early too :) Will surely order again. Thank you so much :)

Abigail Panlilio

This is the second time ordering from this company. They go Above and beyond in their service, managerism, and the staff are amazing. Would recommend this service to anyone and will definitely be ordering from here again. Their products are damn delicious also :)

Kaylene Lamacchia

Excellent service, I liked the tracking service provided on their website.

Ayman Amin

Extremely quick i was very happy to receive my goods early. Awesome.

Julie Pfeiffer

Amazing service! Was able to send the driver a msg along the way!

Christina Gobran

The tracking system and the rea- time communication with courier helped to deliver the items to the right address. Thanks to the florists for the beautiful flowers.

Morteza Rajabi

Love the live tracking! Got an SMS from the recipient within moments of delivery - very happy customer :D

Deidre Hudson

I'm from Philippines and I bought a flower for my friend's mum from a Melbourne company. They sent me this tracking link from your company, and I love how I see my tracking in real time with the rider. We never have this in my country so this is a fantastic experience for me.

Lily Grace Chao