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Lightning fast Courier Service

Get your parcel delivered anywhere you want, 24/7

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Get your parcels delivered today

Best service for businesses sending
up to 10 parcels a day

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Have your products delivered in 3 hours

The ideal solution for businesses sending 10s to 100s of parcels a day

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Lightning fast Courier Service

Get your parcel delivered anywhere you want, 24/7

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Get your parcels delivered today

Best service for businesses sending
up to 10 parcels a day

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Have your products delivered in 3 hours

The ideal solution for businesses sending 10s to 100s of parcels a day

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Digital Convenience Book, track and receive POD instantly using your phone, tablet or PC

Transparent Tracking See where your Runner is at all times

Instant POD Receive Proof of Delivery instantly on your phone, tablet or PC

Breakdown or Accident? A backup Runner will be assigned within minutes

Daily Reporting Data on all your deliveries available instantly

Adaptable Software APIs and plugins readily available

Flexibility Hire a driver for however long you'll need one (min. 3 hours)

Available for Evening and Weekend Deliveries Our Runners are available to you anytime

SMS notificationKeep your customers notified with live tracking information

Instant SupportYour questions and queries can be attended instantly

Friendly interfaceUser friendly interface to manage your orders in one place

Always AvailableOrder pick-up and delivery any time, any day

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Parcel Delivery Service

If you’re looking for a cheap, fast and smart courier parcel service for all your delivery needs, you’ve come to right place.

Go People is the new generation parcel carrier solution and we’ve got what it takes to deliver your parcels in the shortest amount of time and at the cheapest prices.

We don’t work like traditional delivery companies, which is why we’re not constrained by their rules and regulations.

Go People is a flexible delivery service you can rely on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because we know that real business doesn’t just happen between 9 to 5.

What Are the Advantages of Our Parcel Delivery Service?

Our individual services are made with our customers in mind and the variations to each parcel shipping service we offer allows us to cater for all kinds of businesses.

So whether you want one single package or one hundred packages delivered, we’ve got a service to suit you.


  • Our GoNOW service offers express delivery, meaning you can get your goods and products to your clients instantaneously. Minimal waiting times and instant pick-up make our GoNOW service perfect for anyone with last minute deliveries in mind.
  • For every delivery with our GoNOW service we will guarantee that your package(s) will arrive at their predetermined destination within 60 minutes. If your parcel doesn’t arrive on time, we will give you a full refund.
  • We will also ensure that any goods are insured and covered with our service if they’re valued up to $100. Therefore, if anything happens in transit you can rest assured that you’ll be reimbursed for the trouble.


  • This parcel delivery service has two cut-off points for delivery throughout the day – one at 10am and one at 1pm – so you have multiple opportunities throughout the day to send packages to your customers.
  • Our GoSAMEDAY service has a $100 dollar guarantee on your products too, meaning you can always be certain we’re going to take care of your goods.


  • As part of our parcel shipping service we aim to ensure that our prices are competitive and that you’ll only be paying the minimum for services rendered. Using our innovative software, we’re able to find the most cost-effective runners to carry-out your deliveries.
  • Our GoSHIFT service is incredibly flexible, and you can hire our runners for as long as you need them (3 hours is the minimum).
  • Our innovative software will ensure we find the most cost-effective routes for our runners to take while carrying out a delivery, meaning they’re spending less time on one delivery.

There are many other benefits to that you can take advantage of when you hire our parcel delivery service so get in touch with us to find out more.

Find Out More About Our Parcel Shipping Service

Are you looking for more information on our services? If yes, we’d love to hear from you so get in touch with us today.

The Perfect Parcel Delivery Service for your Business

Forget having to wait hours for a courier to come and pick up a delivery, with Go People, we’ll have a runner on their way to your location within minutes.

That’s because we don’t rely on a handful of drivers to make hundreds of deliveries, we have thousands of runners spread across the biggest cities in the country ready and waiting for your order.

With one click of a button, you can submit your order on our website or app and the closest runner will be on their way to you, ensuring the fastest delivery time possible.

Not only are our runners super quick but they’re also super cheap thanks to our integrated bidding system.

Rather than paying exorbitant prices charged by traditional parcel carriers, you can relax knowing that you’ll be paying the fairest price and not a penny more.

Send a Parcel now and get it Delivered within the Hour

Businesses are most vulnerable to expensive delivery charges and long waiting times when they have to ship parcels out of business hours or with short notice.

At Go People, we know how business works, which is why we won’t charge you extra for special delivery needs.

With our trusted runners, you can be sure that your parcel is in good hands and will be delivered as quickly as possible, no matter the time or place.

Our GPS system even allows you to track your parcel every step of the way, so you can relax in the knowledge that your business won’t suffer because of an unreliable delivery company.

Learn more about our Super Quick Parcel Shipping Service

For more information about our parcel courier service get in touch with us today.

Call us on 1300 416 722 or send us an email at support@gopeople.com.au and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

You can also receive an instant parcel to courier quote by filling in your delivery information on our website.

Go People provides cheap, fast and smart parcel courier solutions for Australian businesses and we look forward to supporting you with your delivery needs.

The Newest Parcel Delivery Service

Are you looking for a parcel delivery service that’s different? Go People is exactly the team you need when you need to send a parcel urgently.

More than mere parcel carriers, we are a dedicated parcel shipping service offering same day delivery at the lowest rates you will find anywhere.

Our business is based on the principle of making things as simple and convenient as possible for our customers. That means things like personally picking up every consignment directly from you, regardless of the size of your business or the size of your shipment.

It could be just a single envelope, or it could be a warehouse full of shrink-wrapped pallets destined for multiple destinations. Whatever the case may be, we’ll treat your consignment with the same care and respect, and no job is too small for us to consider.

We Are Different From a Standard Parcel Courier Service

Personal service and total customer satisfaction are the key components we strive to achieve each and every time. This makes us different from a typical parcel courier service, but that’s not the only way we’re different.

Our low prices are definitely an attractive feature that will interest you. Our service is also genuinely available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. You can send consignments at any time.

This is especially valuable to factories that use courier services to dispatch consignments, because you can ship goods the moment they’re ready instead of waiting until the next morning.

Whatever you send, you can check its progress toward the destination at any time, and see exactly where your consignment is. We will also send you proof of delivery instantly at the moment the consignment is delivered.

We are determined not only to be the best parcel courier, but to remain the best. You will notice the difference in the service we provide.

In particular, you will not receive complaints from recipients about the condition the goods are received in, because our couriers take special care, handling every item as though it were the most fragile and valuable item on Earth (which for all they know, it could be).

When recruiting people to work for us as couriers, we are very careful to make sure they meet our standards for professionalism. Of course we also perform a thorough background check and ensure they have the appropriate licenses and credentials necessary for the job.

This is why you can be confident in Go People whenever you have a parcel to courier. You can relax with the knowledge that your parcel will arrive on time, in good condition, and that you will have instant notification of its progress and delivery available to you straight to an app on your smartphone.

When you need to send a courier parcel, send it with Go People.

Go People are a courier company that offers same day courier and overnight courier services throughout Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth. Contact GO People today for all your parcel delivery services and find out why we surpass other courier companies.

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About our runners

Our Runners are ID checked, social network bound and rated by our customers. Keep an eye out for their icons.

Joel Bennett Good Rating 100% 2,390 Delivered I willing to put my skills to the test and get your post to their destination professionally. My car can also take some larger items.
Hema Chandar Mukkamala Good Rating 100% 1,665 Delivered Efficient, reliable and experienced courier driving a Hyundai iload with barn doors for loading pallets in and out.
Sarah Yang Good Rating 100% 1,400 Delivered I am a prompt, punctual, precise and professional people poster!

Now THOUSANDS of Runners and growing

WHAT our clients are saying

'We don't have to worry about where the couriers are because of the tracking system. We love being able to see where our Runners are at any moment. If my husband and I were both on the road delivering, we couldn't work on the business so getting us off the road is saving me about 20 hours a week and my husband 35 to 40 hours of his time a week. 'Go People simplifies our deliveries, saves us time, reduces our costs and helps us grow so we can delight more customers'.
- Carli Jeffrey, Urban Flower www.urbanflower.com.au


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Where do we operate?

We currently operate across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. We will soon be expanding to other cities in Australia.

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