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A Convenient Solution for Chocolate and Cake Delivery Needs

Chocolate and cake delivery may just be the best thing since sliced bread. Who wouldn’t enjoy the idea of having sweet treats sent directly to their doorsteps any time of the day?

Whether it’s to satisfy ones’ sugar cravings or surprise a significant other, chocolates and cakes can put smiles on faces.

Now that the chocolate and cake industry is thriving all over the world—including Australia—delivery services should be stepping up their game to meet both the companies’ and the public’s expectations.

If you’re running a cake shop or a chocolate store, choose a courier company that will offer the best services to you so that you can, in turn, deliver the best to your customers.

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Cakes and Chocolates for Any Occasions or Any Day

It’s not unusual for people to want their sweets delivered just like a typical meal. People don’t need an event to crave for cakes and chocolates. They can want it for themselves to satisfy their sweet tooth or give it to friends or family as a last-minute gift idea. But what makes these sweets the best gift is also what makes it difficult to ship out.

Customers want their goods in perfect condition once they receive it. But cakes and chocolates can easily crumble down when handled recklessly, which some courier companies tend to do. In addition, chocolates and certain types of cakes can quickly melt when not in cold storage.

If you’re in need of delivery services for your cakes and chocolates, email us at or call us on 1300 416 722 to learn how you can avail of our services.


The Trouble with Cake and Chocolate Delivery in Sydney

With five million people and 33 inner suburbs, Sydney is definitely a huge city. In fact, it is the largest city in Australia.

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or any other day, shipping to your customers around the city can be a pain. Demand can be low or high for a day, but the traffic congestion, emergencies, and weather will always be unpredictable and unexpected factors to look out for.

Customers deserve only the best quality sweets from your store. Rest assured that your chocolates and cakes will still taste and look good upon delivery with Go People. Our Runners are located all around the city, waiting for a job and always prepared to pick up from your store to ship out immediately.



Efficient Runners for a Same Day Cake Delivery in Sydney

You have in your hands the power to send out quality products whenever your customers need them.  

Download the Go People app, book a job, and let us take care of finding the perfect Runner nearest to your location. Your assigned Runner will pick up the cake or chocolate for delivery to complete your job.

Within the day, your clients will receive their orders. Traffic is no issue, as our smart routing algorithm informs Runners the safest and quickest route to the shipping location.

Of course, the cakes and chocolates are in good hands—thanks to GPS-enabled smartphones that can track the assigned Runners.

You can also book one or more deliveries for a time frame or set up multiple jobs for three hours or more using just one Runner.

Let your customers live a sweet life by providing them the best courier service with Go People.


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Same Day Cake Delivery in Sydney

A thoughtful gesture is something that goes a long way. Sometimes the occasion demands it and other times we just want to give someone that they care about something to make them smile and brighten their day, like a sumptuously decorated cake. However, such spontaneous and thoughtful gestures are only good if they arrive when you expect them to, and so if you are planning to surprise a friend, colleague or family member, you need the same day cake delivery service Sydney depends on time and time again.

Here at Go People, we are quickly becoming Australia’s ultimate same day courier service. What differentiates us from all others is our network of 30,000 drivers and the ability to deploy any one of them to get your gift from point A to point B, on time no matter what hour of the day or night, or what day of the week it is. We understand that business hours do not always apply in all circumstances, particularly for those that wish to surprise their mates, and so we make it possible for you to do more whenever you want to.

It doesn’t matter if you decided to handcraft a personalised cake yourself or if you are a speciality cake maker, rest assured that our team is here to give you the kind of delivery service that will protect your carefully made delights and promise to have them delivered exactly when you need.

Meeting the Expectations of the Market

It goes without saying that those in the food business are experiencing a serious increase in demand for their products every single day. With it, there is an increased expectation among private consumers to be able to access the kind of food and treats that they want in their home.

At Go People, we understand that when somebody decides to order a cake, dessert box, or sweet treat for one of their friends something, they do not want to wait and will always favour those brand names that serve up the kind of delights they enjoy and can deliver them to their door faster.

Digital orders make up over half of all orders received by restaurants and speciality food stores every year, which means that you should anticipate that your competitors are seeking out new ways to fulfil and exceed the expectations of their client base to create that little bit of extra value.

However, desert boxes delivery in Sydney requires care and attention so that no harm comes to the delectable goods within. What’s more, when you send such goods via a courier you will definitely want to know how they are progressing along the route. So, here at Go People, we provide our customers the ability to track their orders in real-time, communicate with the assigned driver while they are completing the delivery and finally, to receive instant proof of delivery.

With Go People, you can expect a faster delivery method that won’t let you down and will secure backup drivers should anything scupper the progress of the originally assigned runner, extremely competitive pricing and smarter technology.

Take Chance Out of the Equation

Whether you need to complete many orders every day or wish to consolidate your daily orders, or if you wish to integrate your own delivery system into our smart cloud-based tech, here at Go People we make cake delivery in Sydney possible in a manner that suits you.

So, don’t leave the delivery of those mouth-watering treats to chance. Get in touch with the team here at Go People today and let us take chance out of the equation and help you deliver a service to your customers that will thrill and delight them every time.

Go People are a courier company that offers same day courier and overnight courier services throughout Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth. Contact GO People today for all your parcel delivery services and find out why we surpass other courier companies.

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