The FreightSafe Warranty Service covers our valued customers against loss or damage at a very competitive rate, with quick claim settlement and no excess applied to the amount claimed. It includes:

  1. • optional cover up to $100 for $0.30 (ex GST) per job
  2. • optional cover up to $250 for $0.50 (ex GST) per job (GoVIP and GoSAMEDAY services comes with complimentary $250 coverage)
  3. • optional cover up to $1,000 for $1.25 (ex GST) per job

See the table below.

Warranty Option Rate Level of Cover
FreightSafe Warranty A $0.30 Ex GST per job $100
FreightSafe Warranty B $0.50 Ex GST per job $250
FreightSafe Warranty C $1.25 Ex GST per job $1,000

GoSAMEDAY and GoVIP jobs are by default covered by FreightSafe Warranty B.
GoSHIFT jobs are not by default automatically covered. It explains how to opt-in to GoSHIFT Warranty here.

You can update and change your Warranty plan at any time through the GoPeople platform. If you have any questions, please email:

All claims will be managed by our professional 3rd party claims administrator, FreightSafe, which has been managing claims for over 10 years. Claims can be submitted via our online claim form:

For a copy of the Terms and Conditions of the FreightSafe Warranty, please visit:

Importantly, please note that this warranty offering is not a substitute for your own business insurance, and any further advice you require regarding your insurance needs should be sought from an authorised insurance broker. Feel free to contact your account manager for any additional information on this or any of our other services.