Runner Referral Program
Refer and Earn

You can refer a friend to be qualified Runner and earn money from it.
(This is only available in NSW, VIC, QLD and WA at this stage)

How much to earn

Your earnings are dependant on the number of deliveries your friend completes.

You will earn $20 when your friend completes first 20 deliveries.

You will earn another $100 when your friend completes first 100 deliveries.

Your Earnings
Your friend completes first
20 deliveries
Your friend completes first
100 deliveries

All fees are excluding GST. There must not be any disputes on those completed
jobs to be qualified for the bonus.

Become a Runner with GoPeople

Be Your Own Boss

Work when you want. Choose what work you want to do. Want to have icecream for lunch? Go for it.

A Friendly Job

Perfect for your inner social animal. Drive around town and deliver goods to happy & excited customers.

Easy Work

All you have to do is follow the route and use your common sense.


Our FAQ’s

  • Can my friends use my account to do jobs?

    No, your friends will have to make their own account, and pass the Runner induction successfully by themselves.

  • Can I use my friends account to do the jobs?

    No, you certainly cannot. It would be a breach in our Terms & Conditions, and you would face the risk of getting both of your accounts suspended.

  • My friend has done enough jobs, but 1 of them was disputed. Will I still get my money?

    No, to earn your referral money your friend will have to complete the set amount of jobs without a dispute.

  • Does “jobs” mean single on-demand jobs, or does it also include a Run of 10 jobs?

    Jobs can mean 10 single On-Demand jobs, a Run of 10 jobs, or a combination of the two.

  • Can I link my friend after he/she registered without a referral code?

    Only within 24 hours of your friend registering. You must also send the support team an email in this case.