Go People is Australia's smartest same-day delivery solution. We offer a range of fast and user-friendly options to satisfy any business' logistics needs.

Our drivers, which we call Runners, work with Go People on a crowd-sourced model basis. Using Go People's Runners App, Runners apply and complete any and all jobs work assigned to them.

Senders are able to book deliveries by using Go People's SAAS (Software-As-A-Service) platform, which means they can use our service anytime, anywhere.

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How GoSHIFT works

Deliver your goods in bulk with GoSHIFT.

Book the Runners you need, and pay per hour. We’ll then bundle your deliveries into the most efficient route(s) (using our super smart algorithm, Estimated Working Time or EWT), and you'll pay per hour. This means efficient, low-cost delivery rates - as little as $7 per delivery.

During the delivery, both the Sender and the Recipient can track the Runner in real-time. Proof of Delivery is sent to both the Sender and Recipient immediately upon receipt as either a signature or a photo of the delivery package.

At all times, Senders can communicate with Runners or make adjustments to the delivery.

Need to book a delivery right now?

Go People is the only delivery service that operates 24/7.


How Runners make deliveries

Go People’s Runners’ App is where all the delivery action happens - checking off pick-ups, routing, navigation, delivery information, digital signature capture, and general communication.

After Runners have passed the 6-Step Runner Induction program, they gain full access to the App. This means they can begin to apply to any Job or Shift they see.

Once a Runner has an application approved, the next step is pick-up. The Runners’ App has all the necessary pick-up information - address, type and number of items, etc - enabling an efficient retrieval process.

Once on the road, Senders and Recipients can track their Runner. All parties can communicate with one another, with a comment section available on the App.

The Runners’ App is also used to capture (POD), either via a Recipient’s signature or a photo if Authority to Leave (ATL) is given for the delivery.

Any real time adjustments or comments by the Sender or Recipient are also instantly transmitted to the Runner via the App.

POD and Tracking

Go People offers Senders and Recipients alike a first class experience when tracking a delivery.

We offer GPS tracking, updated every 5 minutes, showing the locations of the Runner, drop-off and pick-up. On the tracking page we also offer the ability to instantly communicate with the Runner via a comment section.

When it comes to the drop-off, Go People offers two options for a speedy delivery.

If the Recipient is present, a signature proving delivery will be captured and displayed on the tracking page.

Otherwise, given ATL, the Runner will leave the delivery at the drop-off location and take a photo to show where and how they left the delivery. Go People also offers Return and Re-delivery options in the case of an uncompleted delivery.

POD and Tracking

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  • A perfect fit for SMEs who wish to outsource their same-day deliveries.



per 30 days

  • Designed for those with a large volume of last mile deliveries, and/or businesses with a large fleet of their own

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