This Moderation Policy sets out the way Go People (ACN 169 132 405) (“Go People”) manages the publication of reviews and ratings and other materials in its software application and other online and social media channels such as its Facebook page and Twitter account.

The terms “Senders”, “Runners”, “Application” and “User Content” used in this Moderation Policy have the meaning given in the General Terms and Conditions of Use available at and


1.1 Go People will use commercially reasonable endeavours to ensure and verify the validity of reviews and ratings, such as:

  1. allowing a Sender who has previously engaged a Runner to review and rate on that particular Runner;
  2. the number of reviews that have been used in calculating the average rating on a Runner; and
  3. displaying reviews and ratings in the order that they are received.


2.1 Go People will not:

  1. remove genuine reviews and ratings solely because a business or individual has lodged a complaint about the review and rating;
  2. alter, reject or remove reviews and ratings solely because they are negative or bad;
  3. engage in conduct that manipulates reviews and ratings such as approaching the Senders with incentives to either provide positive reviews and ratings or to remove negative reviews and ratings;
  4. manipulate or re-order reviews and ratings in such a way that a misleading impression is created; and
  5. apply disproportionately more rigorous checks on negative reviews and ratings than positive reviews and ratings.

2.2 Go People may alter, reject or delete any content that it knows reasonably believes or knows:

  1. is false or misleading;
  2. is offensive, defamatory or irrelevant;
  3. is commercial, advertising, solicitation or spam, including the posting of the same or similar message more than once; and
  4. is automated, unintelligible or is linked to unrelated sites or content;
  5. is in breach of its Privacy Policy which can be found at;
  6. is discriminative or fosters discrimination based on gender, race, appearance, nationality, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation or disability;
  7. impersonates or falsely claims to represent another individual or organisation;
  8. promotes personal or political interests; and/or
  9. infringes intellectual property rights.

2.3 Go People may take action to prevent the participation of the author of such content in its platform and may, in certain cases, report the issue to the relevant authorities.

2.4 Go People aims to moderate content in a timely manner. However, Go People cannot make specific commitment to time frames for moderating content as certain cases may require further investigation.


3.1 Go People will use commercially reasonable endeavours to detect any false reviews and ratings, including allowing:

  1. only a Sender who has previously engaged a Runner to review and rate that particular Runner in order to minimise the risk of false reviews and ratings; and
  2. users of the Application to flag suspicious reviews and ratings by contacting Go People.


4.1 Runners must not:

  1. solicit or incentivise Senders to post positive reviews and ratings; and
  2. solicit, harass or incentivise Senders to remove negative reviews and ratings.

4.2 If a Runner contravenes clause 4.1 of this Moderation Policy, the Sender must notify Go People of such conduct as soon as possible.

4.3 If Go People receives a complaint of such conduct from the Sender, Go People will investigate the matter. If Go People reasonably believes that the Runner has engaged in such conduct, Go People may, depending on the severity of the conduct, do any one or a combination of the following:

  1. prominently disclose on the Runner’s profile that the Runner has provided incentives for reviews and ratings;
  2. remove that particular review and rating;
  3. provide a warning to the Runner;
  4. suspend the Runner’s account;
  5. terminate the Runner’s account; and/or
  6. report the conduct to the relevant authorities.


5.1 In this context, phoenixing occurs when the Sender or the Runner’s account is suspended or cancelled, the Sender or the Runner then open another account and pretend to be a new user of the Application. Both the Senders and Runners must not engage in such activities

5.2 To prevent phoenixing, Go People will use commercially reasonable endeavours to:

  1. verify the identity and address of individuals or businesses who register for an account; and
  2. cross check details of new registration with existing or cancelled accounts.


6.1 If a Runner has a complaint in relation to a review and rating made by a Sender, the Runner can contact Go People at and identify which review and rating the Runner wishes to make a complaint about and provide Go People with evidence why the Runner believes that the review and rating is untrue or should be altered or removed.

6.2 Upon receipt of the complaint from the Runner, Go People will investigate the complaint and may provide an opportunity to the Sender to respond to the complaint.

6.3 Once Go People reaches a decision, Go People will advise both the Runner and the Sender regarding the outcome of its investigation and any action it has decided to take in relation to the complaint.

6.4 Go People may alter or remove the review and rating pursuant to clause 2.2 of this Moderation Policy. However, if Go People does not alter or remove the review and rating as requested by the Runner, under no circumstances will Go People be deemed to have published the review and rating and the Runner acknowledges that the review and rating is User Content and Go People’s liability is limited in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions available at and


7.1 Go People reserves the right to review and change any of the Moderation Policy by updating this page. When Go People updates the Moderation Policy, it will use reasonable endeavours to provide you with notice of same. Any changes to the Moderation Policy take immediate effect from the date of their publication. Your access and use of the Application after Go People makes any changes constitute your acceptance of any such changes and you will be bound by those changes. If you do not agree to any changes, you must cease usage of the Application immediately.

Please contact Go People at if you have any questions regarding this Moderation Policy.