Additional terms & conditions for Senders – GoSHIFT Service


1.1 These additional Terms and Conditions (the “Additional Terms”) shall be read in conjunction with the General Terms and Conditions for Senders (the “General Terms”) which can be found at www.gopeople.com.au/terms/.

1.2 Words which are defined in the General Terms have the same meaning in the Additional Terms as in the General Terms unless the context requires otherwise.


2.1 The Application provides you with an opportunity to make an advance booking of a runner (the “Dedicated Runner”) for a minimum of three (3) hours delivery work, which can either be performed in the morning or afternoon (a “Shift”). Go People will help you find the Dedicated Runner in accordance with your requirements.

2.2 To use the GoSHIFT Service, you must:

  1. post a Shift on the Application before the cut-off time of 5pm on the previous business day before the delivery;
  2. upload all the delivery jobs (the “Job”) for a Shift at least 15 minutes before the Shift begins;
  3. set an hourly rate (Go People recommends that bonuses be offered to Dedicated Runners as an incentive for delivery on special occasions such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day); and
  4. pay the Delivery Services Fee to Go People either by authorising Go People to automatically deduct the Delivery Services Fee from your digital wallet linked to your Account or by making advance payment via a credit/debit card. The Delivery Services Fee is equal to the Estimated Work Time (“EWT”) for a Shift multiplied by the hourly rate set by you (the “Delivery Services Fee”). By way of example, if the EWT is 3 hours and the hourly rate is $28, the Delivery Services Fee is $84.

2.3 You acknowledge and agree that the EWT is an estimation only and is calculated based on historical data. The EWT may vary from time to time based on the information given by you. Go People cannot guarantee that the EWT will reflect the actual delivery time.

2.4 If the number of Dedicated Runners required to complete the Shift is more than the number of Dedicated Runners you have booked, then Go People may either:

  1. increase the period of the Shift with additional payment;
  2. publish the additional Jobs as On Demand or as Standard Same Day Service;
  3. move the additional Jobs to the next cut-off time; or
  4. cancel the additional Jobs, with no cancellation fee payable.

2.5 Go People and/or the Dedicated Runner will only perform the Services for you after:

  1. you have posted a Shift;
  2. the Delivery Services Fee has been paid in full; and
  3. a Dedicated Runner has irrevocably confirmed its acceptance of your Shift.

In some situations, Go People may be unable to source a Dedicated Runner to perform the Services to you and therefore will be unable to accept the Shift. Where no Dedicated Runner has been assigned to your Shift and the Shift has not been accepted by Go People, you may cancel the Shift and Go People will provide you with a refund pursuant to clause 5 of the Additional Terms.

2.6 You acknowledge that you and your recipient are responsible to confirm that the Shift has been completed by the Dedicated Runner. Should you, or your recipient, fail to confirm that the Shift has been completed by the Dedicated Runner, Go People will automatically mark the Shift as being completed after 48 hours.

2.7 Should you wish to dispute the performance of the Shift, please follow the Dispute Resolution procedures as set out in clause 13 of the General Terms.

2.8 Go People encourages you to always ensure that all Shifts are posted through the Application and not to:

  1. contact a Dedicated Runner directly to engage the Dedicated Runner to perform any courier services without using the Application; and/or
  2. instruct a Dedicated Runner who has been assigned to you to perform additional delivery jobs outside the scope of the existing retainer.

This is because the Refund Policy in clause 5 and the Warranty in clause 6 of the Additional Terms only apply to Shifts posted on the Application and they do not apply to any Shifts that are not posted on the Application. Accordingly, should any issues arise from any courier services that are not posted on the Application, such as loss of, or damage to, the delivery goods, you will have no access to any remedies and/or warranty provided by Go People under the Additional Terms.

2.9 Go People and/or the Dedicated Runners cannot guarantee that the Shift can be completed within the delivery time frame as unexpected circumstances or events that are beyond Go People and/or the Dedicated Runners’ reasonable control may arise and delay the performance of the Shift.

2.10 Where the delivery goods are packaged using boxes, the size of each of the boxes must not exceed 0.5m x 0.3m x 0.2m. The Runner may refuse to deliver the goods if the size of each of the boxes do not match your description and if so, you will be liable for any additional costs and expenses (such as cancellation fee) that may be incurred in relation to the delivery goods.


3.1 On receipt of any deposits, Go People will provide you with a receipt for the amount of the deposit.


4.1 Subject to Clause 4.2 and 4.3 of these Terms, in using the GoSHIFT Service, you acknowledge that you may be charged for the following additional fees (if applicable):

  1. a delay fee where you or the recipient are not at the location of the pick-up or delivery and the Dedicated Runner is required to wait for more than 10 minutes prior to being able to complete the pick-up or delivery as arranged. The delay fee is $0.00 for the first 10 minutes after the scheduled pick-up or delivery time and any waiting time thereafter shall be added to the delivery Estimated Work Time (EWT) for final payment (the “Delay Fee”). For instance, if the EWT is 3 hour and the Dedicated Runner is required to wait for an additional 40 minutes, the first 10 minutes waiting time is free but the additional waiting time of 30 minutes will be added to the EWT, making the EWT 3 hour and 30 minutes. You must pay for the final EWT of 3 hour and 30 minutes based on the hourly rate specified by you;
  2. a cancellation fee of 30% of the Delivery Services Fee (the “Cancellation Fee”) will always apply if you cancel a Shift with less than 24 hours notice to Go People. Additional Cancellation Fee may apply for special occasions such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day. You must provide the cancellation notice to Go People via email to support@gopeople.com.au. Cancellation notice that are provided via any other means are deemed void and of no effect;
  3. a fee for the return of the items which was to be delivered, being the standard on-demand price to deliver the item from the current location of the item to the original departure address (the “Return Fee”). The Return Fee may be waived if the Dedicated Runner can return the item to the Sender during the next Shift (if any); and
  4. a fee for re-delivery (where applicable), being the standard on-demand price (which shall not be less than $11.00) to deliver the item from the original pick-up location of the item to a new destination address (the “Re-delivery Fee”).

(collectively referred to as the “Additional Fees”)

4.2 You acknowledge and agree that:

  1. where you are unavailable to allow for pick-up of the delivery goods or your nominee is unavailable to collect the delivery goods at the designated time and location;
  2. where you have failed to properly identify the specifics of any of the Jobs within the Shift or provided incorrect or incomplete information and, as a result, Go People and/or the Dedicated Runner is unable to complete the Shift and/or the Jobs; or
  3. the goods to be delivered are Restricted Items pursuant to clause 4 of the General Terms and you failed to notify Go People of the same,

then, in addition to the Delivery Service Fee, you will be required to pay the Additional Fees (if applicable). In the event that you elect to have the Shift completed by the Dedicated Runner after rectifying the issues in question, Go People reserves the right to charge you up to an additional $2/km distance travelled and up to $30/hour of additional time spent as a consequence of any of the reasons listed above. However, Go People will use reasonable endeavours to notify you of the additional costs.


5.1 The Delivery Services Fee is not refundable in the following circumstances:

  1. you are unable to attend to facilitate the completion of the Shift;
  2. the Runner is unable to complete the Shift due to incorrect, incomplete or insufficient instructions provided by you as to the location, timeframe or security requirements relevant to the Shift; or
  3. the Runner is unable, for whatever reason, to complete the Shift due to your action or omission (such as where you have booked the wrong type of vehicle for delivery).

5.2 With respect to the refund of the deposits made by you to the credit account you have with Go People:

  1. where the date of request for the refund is within the 28-day trial period, Go People will refund the remaining balance of the deposit to you; or
  2. where the date of request for the refund is outside the 28-day trial period, Go People will not refund (in full or in part) any deposits. For the avoidance of doubt, you are still entitled to use the deposits to purchase the GoSHIFT Service.

For the purposes of this clause, the trial period starts from the day you make the first deposit.

5.3 If you are unsatisfied with the GoSHIFT Service provided by Go People or believe that you may be entitled to a refund of the Delivery Services Fee, you can contact Go People by sending an email to support@gopeople.com.au outlining why you believe you are entitled to a refund of the Delivery Services Fee. Upon receipt of your complaint, Go People will make a determination, such determination not to be unreasonably made or delayed.


6.1 Go People and its third-party warranty provider do not provide any warranty for GoSHIFT Service. However, you may choose to subscribe to the warranty program, as set out at www.gopeople.com.au/freightsafe-about/. Please note that should you choose to subscribe to a warranty program, there may be additional costs associated with it.

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