Featured Client: AHD Lawyers, Sydney NSW

24 Feb, 2016 By Delphine Dyèvre

AHD Logo

At Go People, we love hearing the positive feedback we receive from our regular business clients, like AHD Lawyers in Sydney NSW. In this series of blog posts, we feature one of our wonderful business account holders, to see how Go People has made an impact on their day-to-day logistics.

AHD Lawyers understand the importance of being prompt, effective and highly available to their clients. Law firms are required to handle important and confidential documents on a day to day basis, so they need a reliable courier service they can trust.

Vincent Zhu, Partner at AHD Lawyers recently passed on his compliments after becoming one of the first of many law firms to make the switch to Go People.

“We were probably the first law firm to sign onto your services many months ago.
Since then, we have been very impressed with the effectiveness and efficiency of your services and not once have we been disappointed. We congratulate you on your success to date and pass on our most sincere complements that you have never been late and has always been the most cost effective serve out there!
Keep up with the good work and look forward to a rewarding cooperation in the future.”

If your business requires a reliable courier service, why not give Go People a go and see how it works for you?