Professional courier services – best bet for small and medium-sized businesses

22 Sep, 2015 By Wayne Wang


At Go People, we are well accustomed to working with small businesses, in many cases working directly with business owners, to ensure a fast and efficient delivery and pick-up of products and documents.  To be sure, however, our relationship with small and medium-sized businesses in Australia is more than just one document at a time.  We also aim to leverage our knowledge of just-in-time logistics and of the courier business which, in some cases, means developing solutions to help our customers become more efficient in their planning and shipping processes.

One specific example of this innovation at play is with our mobile app.  We introduced this functionality to our customers based on their own need for an easy to use interface.  Through several iterations of design and development, as well as with substantial customer input along the way, we brought together a courier request app that enables an entire order to be completed in two minutes.  Our record time so far has been a thirty-second order!  We understand that calling the courier is another step in your business processes, and one which by its nature distracts you or your employees from value-added work.  That understanding is our greatest motivation for developing our service ordering app.

Likewise, there are many reasons that small and medium-sized businesses would use a same day courier in Sydney.  One question we frequently hear from interested customers is why wouldn’t a small business simply send one of its own employees to pick up or deliver a package?  While this option is always available to a business owner or manager, there are several reasons that a courier service can add substantial value, and here are a few of the major ones we hear via customer feedback:

  • Your employees are also busy.  You wouldn’t hire them if they had free time to go and run errands!
  • Your employees are overqualified for delivery work.  If you needed a delivery person, then you would not have spent time training your employees to do the job that they’re doing, and to be sure, you probably would have paid them less to do it.  Hiring a courier lets you keep your staff doing the jobs they were meant to do, and to continue applying their valuable skills to the success of your business.
  • Your employees don’t know how to deliver.  “Don’t know how?” you say?  In fact, delivery is not a simple grunt job as it is often imagined.  We understand that nearly anybody can pick up a box and drive it to an address, however doing that in a way that is timely, safe, and efficient requires a little extra finesse, and for us, a bit of technology to help along the way.  Each of our couriers is equipped with a GPS-enabled device with a street map overlay, ensuring they are able to choose the best route from point A to point B.  To be sure, with smart phones and data access that nearly everyone has these days, anyone can look up directions.  Being able to do that quickly, and then moving efficiently to complete the delivery, is a key skill set on the part of our courier team, and one which takes a bit of practice and know-how.
  • Not only that, but your employee may be using his or her own family car, a vehicle that is decidedly not optimized for fast delivery.  In our business, a car is not just a car.  We know that mopeds and sometimes raw, human-powered bicycles are actually the quickest and easiest way to get something from one side of town to another.  Our couriers use transport which is nimble and quick, and sometimes (depending on the distance and size of the package) your basic family car is way too much for fast service.
  • And remember that you’ll have to pay your employees for extra mileage anyway.  Mileage or petrol reimbursement itself is not cheap.  For a bit more out of pocket expense for our courier service, business owners not only save substantial opportunity cost in sending their employees, but by the time all costs are considered, may be paying only a little more for a professional service that is safe and efficient.
  • One last item to consider when sending your own employee out on an errand:  does your business insurance cover it?

Go People is committed to providing its customers with a top value express service.  As always, we welcome suggestions and ideas from our customers to make sure that we stay ahead of the curve and of the competition in the area.  Thanks for reading our blogs, and we look forward to hearing your comments.