Track Your Drivers

3 Mar, 2017 By Nick Hartman

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Go People is ahead of the curve when it comes to making your courier needs more convenient for you.

One feature that our service provides is the ability to track your drivers – or Runners as well call them – real-time using just the phone in your hand.

Our app has in-built GPS tracking, so every move a Runner makes is fed directly to your phone, tablet or computer.

In addition, unlike other couriers, Go People offers our clients incredible transparency. During all stages of the delivery, you’ll be able to access status updates on the delivery.

More than just knowing where your Runner is, you’ll also receive Proof Of Delivery (POD) when it happens. Due to the instantaneous and convenience of our system, we’ll also be able to inform you right away when or if something goes wrong (if a Runner’s vehicle breaks down, or they have had an accident, or have been eaten by Godzilla, etc etc)

Nick Hartman is the Marketing and Communications Manager for Go People. The prospect of seamless, same day deliveries excites him and he hopes Go People will one day achieve that. Outside of making the delivery world a better place, you can often see him down at the SCG taking high class photos for his Instagram page.