04 Jul, 2022 By Wayne Wang

Logistics Industry

The logistics industry is a global network of interconnected systems transporting products, raw materials, and mail. It encompasses everything from warehousing, distribution, and transportation to operation terminals and ports in the desired manner that meets the customer’s expectations. 

With the rapid growth in e-commerce, so will the logistics industry. The demand for faster delivery times, greater visibility, and cost-saving solutions have skyrocketed. As a result, the logistics industry rapidly evolves with technology as its catalyst.

A Glimpse of the Evolution of the Logistics Industry and Its Future

Logistics were as old as time, from ancient armies delivering supplies throughout their march routes to the Mongol cavalry’s surprisingly efficient logistics system back in the 13th century, down to its evolution as a means of transport between point A to B into a more complex distribution channel with cloud computing technologies. 

The logistics industry evolved from a local and fragmented sector to a globally competitive, tech-savvy industry. The changes in the logistics industry have been driven by innovation, technology, and business needs.

Worldwide shipping and traditional logistics networks were fragmented and local until the 18th century. With the advent of the steam engine, transportation was revolutionized. The shift to railroads allowed for greater speed, distance, and efficiency. 

The 21st Century and Beyond: Taking Logistics to the Next Level with Data-Driven Analytics, Cloud Computing Technologies, and AI 

A key development in the logistics industry is the digitalization of the supply chain. With data analytics, logistics operations can be more efficient, response times can be quicker, and costs can be reduced.

Speed, efficiency, and customer satisfaction are the most important factors to the successful operation of a logistics operation. When efficiency is increased, costs are reduced and customer satisfaction is improved.

Logistics Beyond the Horizon: Trends Shaping the Future

The supply chain is the backbone of any logistics operation and with the advancements in technology, it can be streamlined by:

Better Management of Big Data and Networking for Logistics Automation

Information is the key to success in today’s business environment. In order to remain competitive, companies need to gather, process, and analyze data to maximize efficiency, productivity, and revenues.

Companies can harness their data with the right systems and tools to gain insights into their business, products, and customers. They can use this data to make better decisions, plan for the future, and identify trends that affect their business. 

For logistics and supply chain professionals, this information is essential to run the business optimally. Some data sources that can help enhance operations for the logistics industry include the following: 

  • Weather and traffic data;
  • Vehicle diagnostics and location information;
  • Economic developments; 
  • Developments in commodity production;
  • Logistics figures from traditional sources and companies;

Robots and Automation in Logistics

Innovations in cloud computing, automation, and robotics are used in various industries to enhance logistics operation efficiency and accuracy.

Robotics and automated systems have been introduced in warehouses and distribution centres. These systems are used for high productivity and efficiency as well as for reducing shipping time and costs. These systems are also used in picking, packing, and processing orders. With the use of robotics, processing an order can be done in a matter of seconds instead of minutes or hours.

Automation applied to logistics is the use of technology and machines that can significantly improve the execution of the supply chain. These systems can improve the performance of warehousing, shipping, and distribution, as well as streamline the supply chain and delivery.

The Bottom Line: The Future is Bright for the Logistics Industry 

With the advancement of technology, logistics will continue to expand and improve. 

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