18 Sep, 2018 By Wayne Wang

Here’s How You Can Have a Lightning-Fast Shipping Process

Internet connectivity, mobile technology, and artificial intelligence are enabling us to do almost anything right there and then. The convenience that technological innovations bring is very evident in the e-commerce industry, where customers expect fast deliveries of their orders. Instant delivery and same day shipping services have become the norm for many businesses today

Indeed, fast shipping services can set your business apart and build positive relationships with customers in many ways. Here are some tips that will allow you to deliver to your customers at lightning-fast speed.


  • Simplify your internal processes.

Now and then, you need to perform an audit of your internal processes to make sure that they do not hamper the smooth operations of your business. If you see that some departments are taking too long to finish a simple task, it could be that extra steps are causing unnecessary delays in your deliveries.

As they say, the simpler, the better. So get rid of whatever is complicating or prolonging your processes. Ask your staff to contribute an idea or two on how they would simplify existing procedures. And from that recommendations, you might be able to come up with a more effective process for your team to follow.


  • Standardise your organisational strategies.

It’s equally important that you are implementing basic organisational strategies in your workflow. You could start with your filing system. Make sure that you keep paperwork in hard copies or files in digital form as organised as possible, so it’s easy to retrieve them anytime.

When it comes to your inventory, the “First in First out” (FIFO) method can help ensure that the oldest stocks are sold first. FIFO is especially useful if you’re in the business of selling food, drinks, or medicine that you need to sell well before its expiration date.


  • Speed up communication and coordination with your warehouse.

You receive an order for your product or item from a customer, and you immediately confirm and accept the purchase. You’re doing good so far.

But without an efficient system of relaying order information to the warehouse department, orders will not be processed. As a result, delivery will not move and will incur delays in the turnaround time. That said, you need to support your order confirmation process with effective strategies for communicating and coordinating with your warehouse team.


  • Invest in the right software.

A software that lets you automate tasks and processes can help your e-commerce business greatly. One area where automation software is proving to be very helpful is order fulfillment. Your order fulfillment process starts as soon as you receive an order and goes on until such time that customers receive their items.

Automating this process not only pertains to providing order confirmation or shipment notifications to customers, but it also lets you send updates to your clients when you’re running low on stocks. This way, you could proactively remind your customers to order early before your items run out.


  • Use technology to your business’s advantage.

There’s no doubt that technology has been a game changer, especially on what customers think is fair delivery time for their orders. Customers do not only want free shipping services, but they’re also looking for fast delivery from their favourite online shop.

With the growing list of e-commerce solutions, you have to leverage technology to meet customer expectations better. From the point of sale (POS) systems to scanners and chatbots, there are many different ways that technology can help you reach your business goals every step of the way.


  • Delegate or outsource different tasks.

Several reasons make hiring service providers another viable option for your business’s shipping needs. For one, it frees up a considerable amount of time from your hands so that you can focus on the core aspect of your business.

You also have to accept the fact that you might not have the complete set of specialised skills or resources within your organisation. In this case, outsourcing your delivery service to companies that have the technical know-how and logistics is the most appropriate solution — one that might prove to be the best decision you could ever make.


Speed Up Your Shipping Services

Providing a delightful experience to your customers depends a lot on your ability to deliver the goods they want in the shortest time possible. Take advantage of all the tools, trends, and technologies that are available out there to make this happen, including hiring a delivery partner for your e-commerce or retail business. Just make sure that you choose fast shipping services that will take care of your business and your customers as their own.