18 Jul, 2022 By Wayne Wang

man delivering a package

You don’t need to choose between the convenience of shopping online or the instant gratification of buying in-store—you can have both! Same-day delivery service can help give your business a competitive edge by tying it into your promotions.

1. Use It as Delivery Promo to Attract a New Crowd of Customers

Today’s shoppers want a seamless, convenient experience at all touch points, including flexible delivery options. Customers with these shopping habits typically wish for same-day shipping options. 

You can market your business’s products and services using social media marketing campaigns targeting millennials and parents by using advertisements that show same-day delivery as a key offering for the business and make this a selling point!

2. Offer Same-Day Delivery during Flash Sale

By offering same-day delivery for your flash sale, you can take your promotions to the next level! A flash sale can be a significant way to increase hype and exposure for your small business. It can even help you forge new relationships with consumers and eliminate old, excess inventory.

Business intelligence firm IBISWorld found that e-commerce retailers that employed flash sales grew twice as fast as online retailers that did not.

If you want your flash sale to be successful, consider offering same-day delivery on purchases. It can be the deciding factor in converting shoppers and building relationships with existing and new customers.

3. Form a VIP Group for Influencers 

There are many people on social media who have a lot of influence and who are willing to try new products and services. These people often review the products and services they’ve tried for their followers.

Sending key influencers a free sample of your product is a way to let them know you appreciate their work—and hopefully, provide the foundation for an ongoing relationship.

Having an influencer mention your product and your same-day delivery service can lead to sales and boost your social media following and website traffic. 

4. Offer Same-Day Delivery for Fresh Goods 

The fresher the product, the more important timely delivery becomes. If you’re in the business of selling flowers or baked goods, you need a delivery service that can get your products to your customers quickly. Having a reliable delivery process in place is critical to the success of your product.

5. Offer Same-Day Delivery as a Reward or Compensation 

Even if you have the best objective, things don’t always go as planned. If you make a mistake, a great way to make it up to a customer is to send them the product they wanted as soon as you realise the error.

Having a strategy to deal with negative reviews can be crucial, as your score on places like Facebook and Google can make or break your business. 

You can give money back or credit to their account, but nothing quite tops sending them what they wanted in the first place, and fast. Use same-day delivery to ensure the ‘apology’ parcel arrives promptly. 


By offering same-day delivery to your customers, you’re giving them the convenience they need. This will help you earn and keep more customers, and in the end, it will increase customer satisfaction. 

If you want to improve your business by adding same-day delivery to your service package, get in touch with Go People. We are Australia’s leading same-day courier services for online and local businesses.