15 Jun, 2015 By Wayne Wang

As more and more people communicate through email and mobile messenger applications, Australia’s postal service is looking for ways to stay both relevant and profitable in the digital age.

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced that Australia Post will be introducing a two-speed mail service come September: a regular service that’s two days slower than the current delivery time, and a premium-rate priority service.

An article by the ABC quotes Mr Turnbull:

“Australians are now sending 1 billion fewer letters a year than they were in 2008, with letters losses rising to more than $300 million a year.

While Australia Post has been able to offset these losses by growing its parcels business, losses in letters are now so large that they are overwhelming all profitable areas of the business.

Without reform total projected company losses could reach $6.6 billion over the next 10 years, with letters losses of $12.1 billion.”

What’s more, Australia Post is looking at increasing the price of postage stamps from 70 cents to $1. Mr Turnbull has said that the price is irrelevant; whether it’s 70 cents or a dollar, it’s still more expensive than sending an e-mail. Despite these rising costs and fewer letters being sent, many Australians still have letters to send and parcels to deliver. Rather than rely on an outdated service that, today, is having to adapt to recount financial losses, there are growing alternatives. But, parcels, particularly, would still be more expensive to send as they are often bigger and bulkier to carry through a city. While some parcel delivery services may meet this need, they still struggle to deliver at a price and time that suits everyone.

As a result, we saw an opportunity and launched a mobile-based, 24/7 courier service in Sydney. You can download our app which instantly allows you to post any delivery anytime. Parcel Runners bid for each task so prices remain competitive and you can also review their track record so you can select the best person for the job.

How can Australia’s postal system improve its services in this day and age? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.

Read the original article here: www.abc.net.au/news/2015-03-03/70c-stamps-could-cost-1-under-plan-for-australia-post/6276704