10 Things You Can Do To Be A Better Runner

27 Apr, 2017 By Nick Hartman

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Every day, they say, you learn something new. This old adage (that’s a fancy word for ‘saying’) is also true for your working life.

So to help our Runners, Go People has compiled a quick list of 10 Things You Can Do To Be A Better Runner:

  1. DO wear a plain (clean) t-shirt, preferably blue, while working with Go People, trousers and closed shoes.
  2. DON’T smoke in your car while working with Go People.
  3. DO let us know If you damage or break an item.
  4. DON’T do deliveries with your child (it’s cute, but not very professional).
  5. DO inform Go People if you have a court date, a doctor’s appointment, or any other important appointment, before the day of the appointment (don’t worry, we won’t judge. Unless you’re being trialled for murder, that’s pretty bad so we’d have to let you go).
  6. DON’T take a selfie with the recipient as proof of delivery. Actually, don’t take a photo of the Recipient at all (especially for a hospital delivery), ask for a signature instead.
  7. DO leave flowers in a stable, upright position when leaving them at the drop off location.
  8. DON’T do other work (eg with Uber) or any other chores (like dropping off a friend) that could delay any deliveries you’re making for Go People.
  9. DO make sure your mobile phone is 100% charged before you begin working for Go People. Bringing a (working) phone charger you can use in your vehicle is a good idea too.
  10. DON’T wear thongs or similar open footwear while working for Go People.

Hopefully, these tips will help make you a better Runner. To become even better, why don’t you check out our Knowledge Base in the meantime.

Nick Hartman is the Marketing and Communications Manager for Go People. The prospect of seamless, same day deliveries excites him and he hopes Go People will one day achieve that. Outside of making the delivery world a better place, you can often see him down at the SCG taking high class photos for his Instagram page.