Does Your Driver Use Routing?

2 Mar, 2017 By Nick Hartman

driver checking phone

All courier services use GPS to know where they’re going; but do they use routing?

Go People uses routing, and them some more. We’ve developed state-of-the-art (state-of-the-future, more like) routing software that takes account of things like traffic history and road usage to figure out the most efficient route.

In other words, we can figure out a quicker way to get where you’re going than Google Maps.

Our software really comes into its own when you book multiple deliveries with us. Say you need to deliver 10 parcels in and around an area of town – our software can figure out, better than anyone else’s software, the fastest route from your business to all those destinations, and back.

What’s more, this software of ours is proprietary. That’s a fancy word meaning we do everything in house, which further increases efficiency.

During the whole delivery process, you can keep track of your Runner and Proof Of Delivery (POD) for each and every delivery.

Yep that’s right. Senders can track exactly where their Runner and deliveries are going by checking in on their account on their phone, tablet or computer!

To find out more on how to track your drivers, read this Knowledge Base article.

Nick Hartman is the Marketing and Communications Manager for Go People. The prospect of seamless, same day deliveries excites him and he hopes Go People will one day achieve that. Outside of making the delivery world a better place, you can often see him down at the SCG taking high class photos for his Instagram page.