Featured Client: Abdo Florist, Greenacre NSW

11 Jan, 2016 By Delphine Dyèvre

Pictured: Zeina from Abdo Florist, Greenacre Pictured: Abdo Florist, Greenacre

At Go People, we hearing the positive feedback we receive from our regular business clients, like Abdo Florist in Greenacre, NSW. In this series of blog posts, we will feature one of our wonderful business account holders, to see how Go People has made an impact on their day-to-day logistics.

Abdo Florist made the switch from using their traditional courier service to Go People in November 2015, and haven’t looked back since. Using the right courier service is critical to the florist industry, as flower orders must be delivered quickly and safely to the customer. If the flower delivery is ever late, damaged or lost, the business will suffer at no fault of their own.

Zeina at Abdo Florist couldn’t agree more, pointing out that this is the reason he tried Go People in the first place. “We started using Go People in November last year, which is a really busy time of year, with holiday hampers and Christmas deliveries in high demand. We were having problems with our previous courier service for some time. Our beautiful flowers were often squeezed in the back of a fully-loaded van, causing damage to our arrangements. We take pride in our arrangements and we want them delivered in the same condition as they leave the shop. Our deliveries were almost always late, so it was time to try something new”, explains Zeina.

This scenario is all too common for the florist industry in Australia, and now Go People is here to help, just like we helped solve the delivery issues experienced by Abdo Florist. “Our first experience using Go People was much different to what we have ever experienced using normal couriers. We now have a business account with Go People and use them every day. We never have any complaints, the flowers are always delivered on time and in perfect condition. To top it off, the runners always have a smile on their face and are super friendly! They even delivered for us on Christmas Day”, said Zeina on his own experience.

Is your business experiencing issues with your current courier service? Give Go People a go and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed, just like Zeina from Abdo Florist.

ABDO Florist
245 Waterloo Rd, Greenacre NSW 2190