Mission impossible accomplished

18 Aug, 2015 By Wayne Wang


Gary was going for an auction on Saturday for his dream home. This was the house he had dreamt of for so long and it finally got released to the market.

Gary needed a cheque to be ready for the auction and it was already 4:15pm on Friday. Gary rang his bank, the only branch who could draw a cheque for him is the Parramatta branch, but there will be no one after 5pm. It was Friday afternoon, and Gary lives in Kingsford. There wouldn’t be a lot of time for him to drive to Parramatta and pick it up.

Gary rang Go People and explained the situation, and it was already 4:30pm. Our operator entered the pick up and drop off locations, and job broadcasted to our runners. Within 5 mins, 7 runners placed their bids and job was assigned to the one who was closest to the bank address. At 4:50pm, the assigned runner showed up in front of the bank front door and collected the cheque.

Gary was so happy as he was so desperate before making the call, and he never thought that he could get the cheque at around 7pm on the same night.

This is just one of the many great experiences that we are dealing with everyday. One more happy customer enhanced our confidence of doing the right things and Go People will be the future of logistics. It is the true meaning of the Express Courier service.