Route Planning is the Way of the Future For the Courier Industry

2 Jun, 2017 By ppost.wordpress

Same-day courier services are becoming more and more important, and it follows that the courier industry is becoming more and more competitive.

To become more competitive in the industry, one has to make efficiencies. Indeed, there’s many efficiencies to be made in the courier industry. Ideally, if someone could invent a teleportation device, that could perfect a lot of these inefficiencies.

And a more competitive courier industry means a better outcome for retailers.

In the meantime, Go People has worked hard on its routing algorithm. We’re so proud of our algorithm, that we’re confident in claiming it’s state-of-the-art.

Our algorithm calculates the best route for our Runners when they’re making multiple deliveries. It factors in current and historical traffic conditions, as well as geography, the spread of the deliveries (with regards to volume and density) and the difficulty of the drop-off locations (delivering to a hospital is much harder than delivering to a house on a quarter-acre block).

We add together all this information into what we call an “Estimated Working Time” or EWT. We give our Senders this information, which is a very accurate assessment of how long it will take a Runner to complete all their given jobs.

By doing this, we’re helping to drive efficiencies in the courier industry. Route planning is a very important part of any courier service.

Better routes means a better outcome for retailers. We’re equipping retailers with the technology to manage couriers as pros.

What are you doing?