01 Jul, 2022 By Wayne Wang

Delivering your goods is an essential part of running a business. If you’re considering speeding up your shipping process and reducing the time it takes to get ready to ship, look no further than improving your workflow. Improving the way goods are packed, barcode scanning, and emailing tracking information reduce the time it takes to prepare goods for transport. Utilizing the correct tools can make a difference in how fast or long your company brings to fulfil customer expectations.

Automate Processes

Automating processes can help speed up the delivery process and reduce the chance of human error. By automating processes such as the collection and scanning of barcodes, you can reduce the time spent by your employees manually checking the stream of incoming shipments. This will let you spend more time and energy creating new ways to meet customer expectations.

Enhance Your Slotting Strategy

Warehouse slotting can increase the efficiency of eCommerce business operations and keep the warehouse clean and organized. Slotting helps save shipping time as there is the ease of picking, packing, and sorting products.

Investing in Employee Experience

Investing in the employee experience can create opportunities for employees to improve their skills and gain new experiences. Regularly giving training and offering career advice can create a culture where employees want to work for you and become a more significant part of your business.

Optimize Packaging Design

New designs are constantly being tested and optimized by retailers. By using new design techniques and tools, you can ensure that your products fit into their new design while maintaining the integrity of your merchandise. Using the right tools, you can create mock-ups of your designs to see how your inventory looks in different designs. This will allow you to adjust your designs to ensure that your inventory matches the new style perfectly.

Inventory and Supply Chain Management

Allocating resources to increase production and decrease resource consumption can improve your business’s overall efficiency. By using new technologies and process improvements, you can reduce the number of resources used in the manufacturing process and increase the number of resources used for customer orders. This can improve the overall viability of your business and fulfil customer expectations.

Offering Notifications to Customers

When a customer places an order, you should be able to track it through your order tracking system and email the customer the tracking information. This will allow you to stay connected with your customers and ensure they receive their merchandise as promised.


A crucial part of operating a successful eCommerce business is optimizing your order fulfilment workflow. By improving your existing processes and using the right tools, you can reach more customers in less time with reduced costs. This can also take your business to the next level by increasing your transporting speed, decreasing the time it takes to prepare goods for transporting and improving the overall customer experience.