15 Jun, 2015 By Wayne Wang

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Delegating tasks is a skill that can be mastered. While it may come easy for some, people who have control issues and need to micromanage every single task will see this as a challenge. But, challenges mean opportunity!

When done right, delegation will free up your time, giving you the chance to focus on responsibilities that really need your attention. Through Forbes.com, Martin Zwilling talks about steps you can take to delegate more efficiently.

First, choose tasks you are willing to delegate. Zwilling writes:

You should be using your time on the most critical tasks… and the tasks that only you can do.

Let go of tasks that others can do, and do better, such as delivering packages. Go People can take care of your courier service requirements in and around Sydney, so you don’t have to allot time and resources to do this yourself.    

Just as important is picking the best person to do the job.

“Learn the traits, values, and characteristics of those who will perform well when you delegate to them. That means give the work to people who deliver, not the people who are the least busy.”

Go People’s Runners are: ID checked, on social networks, and have been rated by previous customers. By reviewing their credentials, you’re making an informed decision as to who does the task for you.

It’s also important that there’s a certain level of trust and freedom.  

“Along with trust, you also have to give the people to whom you delegate the chance to do a job their way. Of course the work must be done well, but your way or the highway is not the right way.”

Do declare the value of an expensive item when you post a delivery job – Go People Runners are required to make security bond deposits for them to bid for the task. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your packages are secure and taken care of.

There should also be a follow-up system in place.

“Establish a specific deadline at the beginning, with milestones. In this way you can check up on progress before the final deadline, without fuzzy questions like ‘How are you doing?’”

But, with Go People, there’s no need to do follow-ups. You can track the location of the runner with your parcel in real time, from the minute the job was assigned until its completion.

So don’t be afraid to delegate! Tasks will be done better and faster than your expectations.

What’s your delegation style? Tell us what’s worked for you and has it improved your working environment? Share it with us in the comments section below.

Read the original article here: www.forbes.com/sites/martinzwilling/2013/10/02/how-to-delegate-more-effectively-in-your-business