10 Aug, 2018 By Wayne Wang

It’s been a while since physical mail has been an integral part of a typical business marketing strategy. In fact, there’ll probably be some people reading this who won’t remember the last time they stamped and addressed an envelope – and that’s if they ever have!

So, it’s not surprising the digital revolution that brought us EDMs, social media and blog pages has seen traditional mail decline by more than 27 per cent over the last nine years. But, it turns out we might have come full circle when it comes to getting a return on sending those paper communications and promotional packages in the real world.

According to statistics compiled by the UKs Royal Mail service, 70 per cent of people who receive physical mail feel more valued, 70 per cent think better of the company that sends it, 65 per cent say they’re likely to give it their full attention and 87 per cent rate it believable. Pretty compelling stuff!

Of course, digital communications in all their many forms aren’t going anywhere – after all, they’ll never be beaten for speed and they’re cheap to produce. But, here are a few reasons why sending things the good old-fashioned way could benefit your business.

Its no longer “snail mail”

Sure, sending things by post or courier is never going to be a fair match for your business’ super-fast broadband connection, but things have certainly moved on since the times where national postal services and traditional couriers were the only way to get things from A to B.

On demand courier services like Go People can ensure those communications and promotional packages reach recipients same-day or even under 3 hours for a more timely and personable delivery experience that’s guaranteed to impress.

You’ll always stand out where there’s no crowd

The biggest problem with digital communication methods is simply that everyone’s doing it. This is why physical mail is now one of your best opportunities to target customers and potential leads in a relatively quiet and empty space where there are few distractions. That’s right, while letter boxes were once cluttered with marketing materials, today, it’s far more likely that your business’ mail will be the only item a recipient has received all day (or even for a few days) – and that’s always worth a look!

The creative freedom

Embrace this opportunity to be different. No one can deny that digital content can be incredibly powerful and engaging, but that doesn’t mean your only other option is black and white print on an A4 page.

Whether it’s to be slid into an envelope or packed in a box, think about all the ways you can leverage physical resources to create unique and powerful communications, advertisements, vouchers and promotional materials. And the best part, you’ll never have to worry about file size!

Don’t fall foul of spam filters

While you might believe it’s possible to make a difference to people’s lives with your amazing products and services, email spam filters usually have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to unsolicited mail. In fact, they’re so sophisticated today that, despite your best efforts to reassure potential leads about your authenticity and credibility, it’s highly likely your emails will be filtered out and never seen.

By sending physical mail, you can be confident your marketing materials will end up in the hands of all your prospects.

Recipients feel the connection

Most people today understand how digital marketing works, even if it’s not their field of expertise. In other words, your existing and potential customers are fully aware of how easy it is to collect email addresses and send out thousands of emails in only a few short seconds!

Just as the research by Royal Mail suggests, physical mail sends a more powerful, attention-grabbing message because it’s associated with greater effort while it feels so much more personal and targeted.

So, now could be a great time to think about how you could connect with your customers in the real world – before everyone else does (again)!

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