02 May, 2022 By Wayne Wang

Offering a same-day delivery option and ensuring its value to customers is crucial to the success of your eCommerce business. If you don’t offer same-day delivery, your customers will go to a competitor who does.

However, here are the issues that can crop up with same-day delivery and what you can do about them.

Same-Day Delivery Delays

This is a big one. If a customer orders a product and doesn’t receive it on the same day, they won’t be happy. This can lead to negative reviews and lost sales.

Delays can have various causes: insufficient inventory, lack of staff, and late delivery from outside vendors. Whatever the reason, same-day delivery becomes same-day shipping, leading to unhappy customers.

How to solve this: Ensure you have enough inventory to handle expected sales on high-demand days like weekends, holidays, and after major sales.

Same-Day Delivery Shipping Fees

It’s one thing to offer same-day delivery, but they’ll be unhappy if you charge customers a high shipping fee to make it happen. If you turn a $30 product into a $50 product with same-day shipping, customers may look elsewhere.

How to solve this: Don’t charge more for same-day delivery. Instead, make sure you set a flat rate for shipping.

Same-Day Delivery Shipping Restrictions

Some products aren’t appropriate for same-day delivery. A customer might try to order a large item that won’t fit on the same-day delivery truck or a hazardous material that won’t be delivered on the same day.

How to solve this: If you can’t deliver a product the same day, notify the customer ahead of time so they can choose to cancel the order.

Same-Day Delivery of Special Orders

Same-day delivery is great, but if you can’t deliver on the same day, you run the risk of losing sales to a competitor. If a customer wants a product that’s out of stock, they’ll probably order it somewhere else.

How to solve this: Make sure you have enough inventory in stock to meet your customers’ demands.

Same-Day Delivery Product Quality

If you have the right products in stock and your inventory is well organised, you can deliver your products in a timely manner. But if you can’t deliver a product that’s in perfect condition, the customer won’t be happy.

How to solve this: Make sure your products are well packaged and packed and ready to be delivered on the same day.

Same-Day Delivery Transportation Issues

The same-day delivery rollout is difficult. You have to ensure deliveries are fast and safe. This requires you to do extra work that can sometimes put your current transportation logistics arrangement at risk.

How to solve this: If you already have a transportation company, great. But if not, look into ways to improve your delivery capabilities.

Same-Day Delivery Shipping Errors

A customer expects a package delivered in perfect condition. If a customer receives a broken or otherwise damaged product, they’re unlikely to order from you again.

Similarly, if the customer receives the correct product, but it’s a different colour, or a different size or style, you will still receive customer complaints.

How to solve this: Make sure you ship the correct item to the right customer. Also, check the quality of your packaging and ensure that it’s not likely to break or otherwise damage your products.

Same-Day Delivery Shipping Speed 

To ensure your eCommerce business can handle a high volume of same-day deliveries, you’ll need to ensure that your shipping department is prepared. You’ll need to add more staff and perhaps hire additional shipping equipment.

How to solve this: Plan ahead. If you’re sure you’ll need to expand your shipping department, do it sooner rather than later.


Same-day delivery is a great way to win customer loyalty and retain sales. It’s important to make sure your business can handle the added stress.

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