02 Aug, 2018 By Wayne Wang

Same Day Delivery Trends and Statistics to Guide Your Business Blog Banner

As today’s market becomes more competitive, it’s important to have the right business strategies in place depending on the industry where you belong. If you regularly make delivery transactions for consumers, one of the things you should be focusing on is meeting your customers’ demand for fast delivery service.

Globally speaking, same day delivery is no longer just a concept. Instead, it’s the standard practice in many industries nowadays. Fashion retailers, food and beverage companies, medical suppliers, car accessory manufacturers, and a lot more are now offering same day delivery service to consumers.

Same day delivery refers to delivering your customers’ orders within a few hours upon receiving the order or within a certain time window on the same day. The principle behind it is to make products available to customers in as little time as possible within the day that an order is made.

Since a lot of shopping is now done online with a few clicks or swipes on mobile devices, shoppers are looking for the same kind of convenience in the delivery of items that they buy from their favorite stores, which is something that same day delivery provides.

For many customers, same day delivery is a great solution to their lack of time to go to brick-and-mortar shops to pick up the goods that they need. In fact, as much as 61% of shoppers are willing to pay extra for the convenience that same day delivery brings, which only shows that customers don’t like to be kept waiting.

From a business perspective, the value of same day delivery can be helpful in increasing your sales volume. There’s nothing more convenient for consumers than receiving their orders directly on-site. This level of service that comes with same day delivery can give you a lot of repeat business from customers.

In the infographic below, you will see global statistics and other insightful information that you can use to put your business on a stronger footing with same day delivery.

Same Day Delivery Trends and Statistics to Guide Your Business Infographic

The adoption rates for same day delivery are higher now more than ever, which can be attributed to the constant need for innovation that matches consumers’ growing preferences.

With so many new tools and technologies, customers expect that companies can utilise them to improve their products and services. Thus, you shouldn’t be surprised if you come across customers who are quick to take their business to another company if you’re not giving them the quickest and best delivery option.

By offering same day delivery, you can increase your company’s value in many ways. For one, its potential to enhance how your customers experience and perceive your brand of service can set you apart from the competition.

Whenever you deliver on your promise to make their orders immediately available for your customers, you are making a good impression that will help keep your brand on top of their mind. It then becomes easy for you to build your customers’ loyalty to your business.

You could also get a lot of mileage in putting same day delivery at the heart of your operations so that you could remain relevant in the modern business landscape. At the end of the day, your success as a company depends on whether you could get your products to customers faster than anyone else.