23 Jun, 2022 By Wayne Wang

Transit is the term used to describe the journey a package takes from when it leaves a warehouse until it reaches its destination. The company sends your package to a local warehouse or distribution center with a transit service. Once there, it gets sorted and prepared for delivery. Then it’s sent back out to its final destination, where you can pick it up or have someone deliver it to you by courier or post.

Also, it’s no secret that eCommerce is changing the way consumers shop, especially buying things online. But it’s not just about eCommerce online shopping; it’s also about how customers expect to be served. Most packages are sent with transit service in the Australian market because they’re too big or heavy to fit into letter-sized envelopes and parcels.

Transit time

The amount of time your package takes in transit is one of the most critical factors regarding shipping costs. This is calculated when your order is dispatched and includes both shipping time (time in transit) and customs clearance time. Transit times are subject to change depending on your location, method for delivery, and other local holidays, weather conditions, or unforeseen events.

The faster you can get your product from A to B, the less money you will spend on shipping. The transit time for most packages ranges from 3 days up to 14 days or more, depending on what type of delivery service you choose and where it’s going. The transit time for all orders placed within the Australian market is calculated by taking the number of days for a parcel to arrive at its final destination, excluding weekends and public holidays, and dividing it by three.

Transit Days

The number of days it takes for your item(s) to reach their final destination after being shipped out. This period covers both transit time and customs clearance time, if applicable.

Tips to help get your package faster:

Getting your package faster isn’t just about choosing the right shipping option. It’s also about making sure you’re doing everything to get your package delivered on time.

Use a delivery address where someone will be available to sign for the package.

  • If someone else picks up the package, make sure they have acceptable identification (such as a government-issued ID card).
  • If you’re sending your package, make sure it has enough tracking information so that the recipient can follow its progress until it’s delivered safely.
  • Keep track of where your package is at all times so that if there’s an issue, you’ll know what’s going on and can take action in real-time.
  • Use a tracking tool to check the status of your shipment every day until it arrives at its destination.

To find out when the package will arrive, one can check on the product page of your item, you will see a “Shipping & Returns” section which contains information about shipping options and estimated delivery times. This information is also provided in checkout before you place an order.